Kids say the DARNDEST things!

I LOVE little kids!!  They are so candid, aren’t they?  Sometimes it’s hard not to giggle right in their cute little faces.  I mean….. they say funny things that they don’t know are funny….. and when you laugh at them….. don’t they feel like they are being ridiculed?

I am so grateful for my Facebook friends sharing the cute comments their kids make on FB.  They literally make my day!  How I wish I would have had some way to so quickly and easily record that moment for posterity!   And I don’t mean by video or picture, because we NEVER know when they are going to say something delightful….. but just to have your computer (or in the case of these younger kids most likely a smart phone….) handy to quickly jot down what they said!  What a blessing!  And thanks for sharing them with me!  Since I don’t have any grandkids of my own yet….. I especially enjoy those posts!

Here a just a few of the funny things my FB friends have posted that their children have said.  Though some of the names of the children are mentioned…. I’ve made no link to the parent here.  Not that I think they would mind…… but I thought I better be safe!

Tonight Ashlee said ” I wish I had a money tree, gum tree, and a clean underwear tree”

Izzy: Mom. What does the yellow stop light mean?     Me: Slow down.      Izzy: Annnnnd you just sped up.      Me: …………

Bellie, “I wonder what my destiny will be today?”

So Curt took Bellie to Walmart with him tonight. The whole time she kept collecting “clues” from off the floor and made Curt put them in his pocket. At the end of the trip she took them all out, satred at them for a while, and said with a very serious face, “the mystery is…..people are dropping trash.”

I do good things and bad things, so I think, when I die, Jesus and the devil will be confused.”

See what I mean?  Come on…. admit it!  They made you laugh!  Do you remember the Art Linkletter show called “Kids Say the Darndest Things!”   … Yeah…. I know, that was a LONG time ago….. but kids were funny back then to!  That’s what makes being around children so delightful!  They are just pure and spontaneous!  It’s a shame we lose that as we age!   Click here to see a Youtube link of some great moments from that good old show!

Thanks for sharing guys and keep those posts coming….. the really make my day!  What are some of the funny things a child in your life has said?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


2 Replies to “Kids say the DARNDEST things!”

  1. Here’s another jewel from an FB friend about her daughter:
    I came downstairs today only to find that izzy, my five year old, had colored on the wall. Having already learned the art of justification at this wee age, her outrage to my chastising her was, ‘Well mom! You shouldn’t let me watch Rapunzel then cause she colors on her walls!’

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