Facebook to the Rescue!

If you’re on Facebook….. there’s a good chance you’ve made some kind of a comment on there at one time or another asking for help.  Wether you are trying to locate someone or something or get an opinion on something…. or even someone!  Or any other kind of question asking for help.  We all do it.  I’ve done it.  But the best part about it is the fact that you get answers!!

Today was such a day for my daughter.  The lease is up on the condo that she has been renting and since she wants to move to a warmer climate…… she chose not to renew the lease.   Of course, with that comes the chore of moving!!  Sometimes finding boxes for such a move is a real pain!  When you are moving across town….  you don’t always worry too much about packing things tightly or correctly as you do if you are moving hundreds of miles away.    So far, most of the moves in our family have just been to another part of town.  But not this time.  It’s going to be a good day’s drive to get her there.  None of this making 90 trips back and forth between the two places and just making do with blankets wrapped around something in the back seat of your car for a 20 minute drive across town.  Nope….. gotta do it right this time.

So, my daughter put a plea out on FB asking for boxes.  She got a response from a friend who’s boyfriend is in the moving business and was willing to sell us some boxes very cheap.  In comparison to what U-Haul or another similar place would have charged us for the same thing….. we got a screamin’ deal.  Granted….. we probably could have found boxes for free somewhere, one from here and one from there…..but who knows how long it would have taken us to collect them?  This guy also had ‘specialty’ boxes, like wardrobe boxes and heavy duty boxes to pack your dinnerware and glassware in.  So, while we spent some money….. we saved time and got the size and kind of boxes we needed.  And all because of Facebook!

That’s one of the things I love about Social media…. the quick response you get.  (At least from your friends that are on there often.)  I can’t believe that a woman my age has gotten so much joy out of being on Facebook!  It’s kind of crazy…. but it’s been so much fun to reconnect and stay in touch with friends.  Even if it’s only for a snippet of a moment.  It’s another way to make use of the great concept of people helping people.  Helping in a myriad of ways.

I’m grateful for Facebook coming to the rescue of my daughter today by giving her a format to get the word out for her need…. and I’m especially  grateful to her friend for the response!  But now comes the not so fun part!!!  Packing!

What kinds of thing have you needed help with that a friend on Facebook has come to the rescue with?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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