A Hasty Heart

How many times are we quick to judge another person?  Way too often I fear.  I know I do it myself.  I tend to make judgements based on appearances and such….but we can never really  know a person’s heart without getting to know them.

Tonight I saw the show called  The Hasty Heart at Hale Theater.  Here’s Hale’s short description of the show:   ‘It’s World War II… injured soldiers are recovering in an Allied hospital…all is delightful until a cantankerous Scotsman is admitted. Everyone – including the saintly nurse – tries to cajole him. Nothing works…until they learn his secret.’   His secret happens to be that he is dying and doesn’t know it.  He wants to get back to his regimen.  The other patients are told of his condition and asked if they would help to make his last little while as pleasant as it can be.  But…. he is an bitter and ornery man and they have a difficult time even liking him.   Eventually, they win him over and he suddenly becomes a very talkative and friendly person.   In fact, even endearing.  But then he is told the truth by the Doctor about his condition because of army orders.  The Army feels he has a right to know so that he can make decisions accordingly.  He has no family or friends back in Scotland but suddenly feels betrayed by those around him in the hospital.  He feels as though it was a pity party on him at his expense, and he is once again bitter towards them.   Though it may have started as one, it didn’t end there, but he is too prideful to see it any other way.

Here’s the lesson of the hasty heart…… though a person can live his life with much bitterness because of his circumstances and closes his heart and life to anyone around him because he has no trust in the world….. a heart can change.    Sometimes people that we judge quickly turn out to be very different than what we first thought.  It may take time….. it may take a shift in our paradigm of the situation…. but it can happen.  We can never really know and understand another persons heart without opening our own to them.  Understanding and speaking from the heart and not the head is what truly makes us connect with one another.

I am grateful for the reminder tonight that in hastily judging another person, I may be missing out on knowing a truly wonderful spirit.  And in the interim of allowing myself to get to know that person, it could be a shift in our thinking. Making tussee the world through different eyes than we had before.  We all need one another.  No one can be a loner and truly experience happiness.

Kudos to the cast for doing such a wonderful job telling a poignant and funny story.  Thanks for yet again another fabulous theater experience!

Who have you made a hasty judgement on that perhaps deserves another chance?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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