I love to sing harmony!  There’s just something about making music with harmonic tones that makes me happy.  Though I enjoy singing an occasional solo…. I love sing harmony.

I have a fairly wide range.  I can sing relatively high and sing very low for a woman.  Today in church I sang all 4 parts of a hymn we san!    Since there was 4 verses….. I just started the first verse on soprano and made my way down to the bass part on the last verse.  Though the lowest bass notes in the hymn we almost out of my range….. I hit them.   Not with a lot of volume….. but I did!

The Classics Quartet From Top to Bottom: Eulala Buttars, Ann Schow, Jen Bangerter, Thelma Robinson

I grew up around harmony.  My mother sang all the time and she was also a member of the Sweet Adeline’s.  Yep…. I grew up with a lot of Barbershop music around my house!  Not only was she in the Sweet Adeline chorus, she was also in a quartet called “The Classics”.  They were very good if you don’t mind me saying so.  They won a lot of Regional competitions which meant she was on the road a lot around competition time.  I think being around that harmony so much when I was little made me really appreciate it and perhaps added to my capability to be able to harmonize so well.

I have been sining with my friends from college since….. well, since college!  That’s just a couple of years in case you were wondering!  We used to sing a lot.  Unfortunately the gigs are few and far between anymore.  There’s several reasons for that, but one of them is it’s much harder to commit to that as you have more and more family commitments.  One of the other big reasons is we just don’t market ourselves!  Which is a shame with the ease of being able to do that on the internet and all.  But what I love about singing with these gals is that we usually learn all our songs by rote.  Which means we have no sheet music and just learn the parts from listening.  We have learned the music that way for years!   We are pretty much a ‘cover’ group, so we just listen to the original and learn it that way.  That’s probably another reason why I’m good at singing harmonies…… I’ve had to ‘pick’ them out from listening!  But its fun.  And if I do say so myself.  We are good.  We’ve been singing together for so long that many times we sound like one voice and our harmonies are tight.  I also enjoy singing with my very talented family.

I’ve never understood, or should I say I can’t relate to someone who says they can’t hear the harmony in music and can only sing melody.  That just floors me!  But then again….. I’m sure there are things that I don’t hear or see or understand that come easily to other people and they don’t understand why I struggle!   It’s all a matter of what talents we are blessed with!

I’m grateful for the reminder today of how much I love to sing harmony.  It also makes me realize that I don’t sing enough!  I need to do something about that!  Hmmmmm

I am Grateful!  How are you?


3 Replies to “Harmony”

  1. Hi Wanda,
    I love singing harmony, too! As a matter of fact, I am a member of a Sweet Adelines chorus here in London, England. Would really love to hear The Classics, shame you can’t upload it here. Why don’t you upload it on YouTube? Let me know if you need help with that. Best regards!

  2. I didn’t realize they had Sweet Adeline chorus’ in London! What part do you sing? My Mom was a lead but I always loved to sing Bass…..just cause I could reach the notes! But Baritone is really the juicy stuff! I should try Youtube! I think the reason it won’t let me upload the audio here is because this is just a basic subscription blog. I probably need to upgrade to do the other stuff. But I will think about Youtube. Thanks for the idea and thanks for reading my blog from across the continents! The internet sure makes it a small world!

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