Being Needed

Every person on this planet has a need to be needed.  It’s a process of life.  It’s part of being human.  A baby needs it’s mother or a care taker to handle it’s needs.   They are too small and helpless to do it on their own.  Even as a child grows they need the love and nurturing from a loving family.  Especially in their early years.

Creating a loving relationship with someone requires give and take on both sides.  I’ve heard the term “He/She’s needy!” before.  For me personally, when I hear that, it seems like most of the time what they are really saying is: ‘He/She’s demanding’.   Being needed is a two way street.  As a said before… we all need each other.  Perhaps some would argue that what I really mean is to be wanted.   I looked up the definition of ‘want’ in the dictionary….. I found it interesting that the word want and need were used synonymously in the definition.  So many times we have such a different definition for each word in our minds that we don’t look at them as being synonymous.  But in so many ways they are!

Today I was needed (and wanted if you want to define them as being different.)  My daughter is old enough to move herself….  She’s perfectly capable of doing it on her own.  The point is….. she didn’t… nor did she want to!  Because, in reality….. though you can do many things on your own when it comes to a move….. it’s rather hard to do it all without some help.  Therein lies the need today!  And I believe along with it, a sincere want for us there.  Moving can be stressful.  OK….. moving IS stressful.   Some of us handle it better than others….. but it is none the less, stressful!  Hence….. she needed her Mom today….. !!  Oh yeah….. and her Dad! (after all…. he’s the one with the real muscles…. and the drill!)  I don’t think a Mother ever stops wanting to be needed by her children! Particularly when they are all grown up and don’t seem to need much from you anymore!

I was grateful to feel needed today.  Even though I’m exhausted!  It’s great to be needed when I can get it!  All you young mother’s out there probably think I’m crazy for saying that….. but believe me….. they WILL grow up…. and quickly!  And you’ll wonder where the time went and look forward to times when they need you again!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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