Done with the Move!

My feet are screaming at me!  And so are my legs!  For someone who spends several hours a day working at her computer with her feet up in a easy chair……. the last two days have been a real shocker to my body!  But we are finally done!!

As I mentioned yesterday…… moving is never fun!  Being the last day of the month…. we had to get her out.  Even though the rental agency said that the new renters wouldn’t be moving in till the weekend and we could take more time if we needed it….. we still decided to get it done today.

It’s amazing how much stuff we can accumulate.  And we never seem to realize it till it’s time to pack it up and move!  My daughter has a lot of stuff.  Well….. relatively speaking that is….  If you were to compare what it would take to move my household to hers… I would win…. hands down!  But regardless,  it was still a lot of stuff to move!  And even though most of it was put into a storage unit for a while….. at least I know I’m done for now.  The next ‘move’ will only be from the storage unit straight into the moving van.  It’s all boxed up….. and we won’t have a whole house to clean on top of it either!

I’m grateful to be done….. to be sitting here in bed trying to get my legs and feet to stop aching!  And because I’m exhausted… I’m making this one short!   Just wait for episode two when we travel across state lines to complete the move!  I don’t think I’ll be quite as tired for that one though.  For one thing….. we’ll be moving things ‘in’ a house and have a place to sit when you need break!  Moving ‘out’ of the house makes it much more difficult to sit and relax for a minute when all the furniture is disappearing!   The only thing that would be better than being in bed right now would be an nice soak in the hot tub!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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