Our Talents

A few weeks ago in Relief Society we had a lesson on talents.  How do you define the word talent?  Unfortunately, I think that most people think of talent as being something related to the performing arts.  While I will be the first to admit that those are amazing talents…. I’m afraid many people cut themselves short by thinking that if they can’t sing, dance, play an instrument, paint or draw… that they are not talented.  Wrong! While I love the performing arts and consider myself fairly talented in that aspect…… I know people who have talents that I envy!  I know people with relentless compassion, people much more organized than I am, people who are great listeners or even people with the gift of gab!    That’s just naming a few!

Talents, to me, are so much more than the performing arts. In curiosity to see what I could find as a definition of ‘talents’ on the internet, I ran across a couple of interesting websites and definitions.  The first is how wikihow defines talents: “Talents are different than skills, in that they tend to be innate rather than learned. Once found, they can be nurtured and developed, but finding them can be tricky. It’s partly a process of observation and honesty. The rest is learning and practice. Talents can come in many varieties. They may be artistic, technical, mental or physical, inwardly or outwardly directed. They need not be profitable, useful, or conventional, but they will always be your own, part of what makes you you.”

I think it’s interesting that wikihow says there’s a difference between talent and skills.  Though it’s true that they could be defined a little differently, I think the words could be used synonymously.  Someone may learn a ‘skill’ on a job but perhaps have an innate ‘talent’ to perform that skill very well.  It may even become something they love doing, which, according to wikihow…. is the first step toward discovering your talents.  See more of wikihows 11 steps on how to find your talent here.

Another website that I found interesting was a forum where  people were asked to list their talents.  I was impressed by one person in particular that had a laundry list of what she felt were her talents.  The amazing thing to me is that she came up with the list in about 7 min!  That is truly awesome!  We have such a tendency to put ourselves down that sometimes it’s hard to really focus on what we are good at.  While her list included ‘skills’ and ‘gifts’ as well, again…. I think you could use those words synonymously in this situation.  Check out Jeanne’s list .

I would love to see everyone sit down and make a list like Jeanne did….  just think about what you’re good at.  It shouldn’t be hard, unless we make it that way, right?  Again…. muster up that confidence!  Believe in yourself and your abilities.  We were all put here with different talents so that we could bless each others lives!  As picture says:  ENJOY each others TALENTS and be GRATEFUL for your own!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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