Discovering “New” Old Friends

I think there’s something to be said for maturity.  I don’t mean being ‘old’….. I just mean growing up enough that things that used to bug you when you were in school, don’t mean much when you grow up.  In fact, in searching on the internet to support this thought, I ran into a report done by Juvenile Justice.  Here’s an except from the first of the report:

Brain imagery now allows us all to see the developmental milestones achieved by the human brain as it grows and matures throughout the early stages of life—confirming in pictures what parents and those who work closely with youth have long found to be true: adolescence is a period of gradual maturation. Hard science demonstrates that teenagers and young adults are not fully mature in their judgment, problem-solving and decision-making capacities.

Adolescence, roughly defined as the period between the onset of puberty and maturity, may last from age 10 to age 25. During this period of rapid growth, American adolescents live in a precarious middle ground between the innocence and immaturity of childhood and the responsibility and accountability of adulthood.

Pretty much verifies what I just said.  Sometimes we do really stupid things when we are younger, as more of this report verifies.  While it’s true that kids can make good decisions while in their adolescent years, I think most youth are more focused on things that may seem important at the time, but in the bigger picture, they don’t really mean much.  With that in mind, I wonder what we really missed out on during those years.  But then again, it may be to our advantage not to discover some of those things till we are older.

Perhaps I’m sounding a little confusing here, but recently I’ve been discovering things….. or should I say ‘people’…… that I missed out on in High School.  I had a great group of friends in high school.  I consider myself very blessed.  Many of those friends are still very dear to me.  Though I don’t see them as often as I’d like, I still treasure those friendships.

Several months ago, thanks to reconnecting on Facebook….. several girls from my graduating class in high school decided to plan a get together.  Even though I had become friends with a few of them on Facebook, they weren’t really the girls I ‘hung out’ with in high school.  It had nothing to do with not liking them, but I felt like I wasn’t really a part of the ‘crowd’ that seemed to be planning this get together, so I opted not to attend that first gathering.   After it was over, they were posting pictures on Facebook and talking about how fun it was.  I made a comment to one of them privately and said I wasn’t sure I was really invited because I felt like all the girls that were responding to the get together were all the girls on the Drill Team.  I was informed differently.  A few months later, they planned another get together which soon become known as BHS ’73 Girls Night Out.  (Yes… I just gave my age away!)  I decided to be brave this time and attend this one.  None of my really close friends from high school were attending, but I braved it anyway.  Can I tell you how much fun it was?  I soon realized that we had all become mature women and none of those things that seemed important in high school made much difference anymore.

Since that time we have had a few more get togethers, but have now started including the guys from our class.  They end up being like little mini class reunions!  It’s so much fun…. even better than a full fledged reunion in the fact that the group is small enough that you actually get to visit with almost everyone there!  Now that’s a task that’s pretty much impossible to do at a real reunion with several hundred people there!

These mini reunions have made us correspond even more on Facebook than we had before.  In doing so, I am discovering that there are many of the people that I didn’t hang out with in high school that I really would like to hang out with now!  I guess it’s one of those missed opportunities during my adolescent years…. for what ever reason….. Whether it was my brain not knowing any better or just that we ran in different circles and didn’t think much about it.  But I’ve truly become intrigued with these people and the life they have lead.

I’m grateful for ‘old’ friends that are becoming ‘new’ friends!  Thanks to LG and others that take the time to stay in touch and get these gatherings organized!  What fun I’m having getting to know you all!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

The entire report referred to above can be found at:


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