Improved Roads

Oh…. we all know how miserable it is to live with road construction!  And it seems to be a never ending story here in Utah!  Never a fun thing to deal with in rush hour for sure!

I was driving home from the east side of town a while ago and I came down a fairly new road that passes under I-15.  As I was sitting at the light waiting for it to turn green, I was suddenly taken back several months, remembering what it was like before that road was improved!

Have you ever gone through an underpass that was so narrow that you prayed no one else was coming the other direction?  That’s kind of how this underpass used to be.  VERY narrow.  And now….. it’s a major exit off of I-15 and the opening to the underpass is probably about 4-5 times as wide as it used to be!  What a difference it makes!

There are some people who fight change or improvements.  And a lot of it I can understand…… especially when it’s in your backyard!  And there are times when it’s the right thing to do.   But progress happens whether we like it or not.  I guess what matters is, if you had the knowledge of future expansion when you purchased the home, then you really have no right to complain when that expansion actually starts!   Other times you don’t even see it coming….. or maybe you do and just hope it doesn’t come that far!   Such was the case with the expansion of the area I’m talking about.   I never quite understood why the exit and expansion didn’t happen when they redid all of I-15 before the 2002 Winter Olympics.  It just didn’t make sense to me that the money wasn’t spent while they had everything else torn up to work on…….  but….. my understanding is that there were a lot of people opposed to it and they were able to get it stopped.   ( I’m not sure why the rest of us should have to pay taxes on that….. again…… but I digress.)    Now that it’s done, it gives us one more East to West connection that we desperately need here in the valley.

While I don’t look forward to driving through construction while it’s happening and it can at times be very inconvenient…… I’m always grateful when the improvements are completed and I can enjoy a nicer ride through that area.  It will be nice when 1-15 through Utah County is done!  Though I don’t have to drive it on a daily basis right now….. I remember what it was like when that same kind of constructions was here in Salt Lake County!  All I can say at a time like this is…..remember that great scripture: “And this too shall pass”

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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