I Love the Mountains

It’s pretty hard not to be grateful for Nature.  Though I’ve made a few posts about it here and there…. there’s just too much for me not to mention it several times…. so I will make sure each post is specific to a certain thing in Nature!

I’m a Parade of Homes junkie.  I think I’ve said that before….. but I really am.  Today, as we were traveling to the Parade Home in Woodland…… I was awestruck by the mountains in front of me as we drove up the hill toward home #20!

View from the front yard of home #20

I actually wanted to pull over and take a picture!  In fact, I did stop and take a picture right outside the home before we went in because the view was still beautiful from up there.  But I also made my husband stop at the bottom of the hill on the way back down so I could take more pictures!  What a beautiful day and beautiful surroundings!

I think I could live in a place like that.  One that constantly had an amazing view so close!  How serene and calm it makes me feel to be able to envelop myself in that environment!  And to be able to see it in all Seasons!  I’ve been in that area in the Fall and it’s incredibly beautiful then too!

Many of the homes today had lovely views of the mountains.  I love it when home designers try to take advantage of that aspect.  One of the homes we saw in Saratoga Springs had windows all over the east side of the home that took advantage of the view of the lake and the mountains. It was Awesome!

One of the best things about living along the Wasatch Front is getting to see these wonderful mountains on a daily basis.   When I was younger, I was lucky enough to get to go to Girl’s Camp in the Uinta Mountains.  Camp Piuta.  Though I had the luxury of having cabins to stay in there…… it was still amidst the surroundings of those beautiful mountains!

I love the opportunity to be able to see the mountains from a distance daily, but I need to take the time to see them up close and personal much more than I do!

View from the bottom of Woodland Hills Dr

I think this blog post just made me make a commitment for my hubby and I to make a nice drive up the canyon!  We’ll take my husband truck, of course, so that we can explore without worrying about the bumpy roads!  Yeah for commitments!

Do you remember this song that we’d sing in a round when camping?

I love the Mountains,  I love the rolling hills

I love the flowers, I love the daffodils

I love the fireside when the lights are low

Boom di yadda Boom di yadda  (repeat, repeat!)

Awe…. memories of camp and loving those mountains!  What great times I had!  I feel blessed to have had such great circumstances to experience it in!  Not only at Girl’s camp, but camping with my family!  I love the Mountains!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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