Soaked Walnuts

I knew I’d want to comment about nuts again!  I discovered a new favorite nut this last week!  Walnuts!  But only when they are soaked!

A few weeks ago I went to a class given by the Green Smoothie Girl.  I blogged that day about healthy eating and learning new things about it. (BTW….. hubby and I started drinking Green Smoothies this week…. so far, so good!)  There was a lady sitting on the same row as me that was talking to the lady right next to me.  I over heard their conversation a little and heard her talking about soaking nuts.  Well…. of course I’m thinking I’m a pro on that, right?  After all,  I soak my almonds so I must be a pro!  Then she mentioned walnuts.  Soaking Walnuts?  Well…. my thoughts became vocal as I asked her about it.   Walnuts have never been a favorite of mine.  What I learned that night about walnuts has changed my opinion.

A couple of days ago, I decided to give it a try.  And she was right….. they taste MUCH better after they have been soaked!  Let me tell you why.  Once again, my search on the internet brought up a site that verified everything this lady had told me that night about soaking walnuts.  Here is what it says on The Nourishing Gourmet:

Why Should I Soak Nuts?

Unlike grains, nuts contain smaller amounts of phytic acid. Their real issue for us is having high amounts of enzyme inhibitors. These enzymes are useful to seeds and nuts because it prevents them from sprouting prematurely. But they can really strain your digestive system (which is probably why my body was reacting to them raw).

Soaking your nuts in warm water will neutralize these enzyme inhibitors, and also help encourage the production of beneficial enzymes. These enzymes, in turn, increase many vitamins, especially B vitamins. It also makes these nuts much easier to digest and the nutrients more easily absorbed. And, yes, this is a traditional method of preparation. For example the Aztecs would soak pumpkin or squash seeds in salty water and then, sun dry them.

What I found out is that by removing these enzyme inhibitors from the nut, it takes away a lot of the bitter flavor.  Walnuts actually taste a little sweet that way!  I’ve never enjoyed eating them as much as I have the last two days!  While the directions on the website talk about soaking them and then dehydrating them….. I just eat them after they’ve been soaked.  They don’t last long enough to worry about them going bad.  I guess I don’t soak enough of them at a time for that!  I just use a big humongous mug and fill it about 2/3 full of nuts and then cover them in water.

I heard once that walnuts were good for your memory.  Have you ever heard that certain foods resemble certain organs in our body?  They are finding that those foods are particularly healthy for the same organs they resemble!   Well…. walnuts look a lot like our brains….. hence why they are good for our minds!

If you’re interested, you’ll find more directions on this website about how to soak and dry different kinds of nuts.   Learning that nuts are more nutritious for you when soaked has made me enjoy nuts even more.  It’s just controlling how many I eat!

How do you like to eat nuts and what are your favorite kind?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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