Well Cared for Yards

There’s nothing more beautiful than your first impression of a home from a well cared for yard!  It’s called… Curb Appeal!   Having had some experience in the Real Estate world, I know how critically important those first impressions are!  I’ve seen clients cancel an appointment to look at the inside of the house based solely on what the outside looks like!

I realize that not everyone has a green thumb and can make their yard a piece of artwork….. but all of us can take pride in what our yards look like by keeping them in good shape.  Staying on top of it can be the hard part.  Right now, my husband and I are lucky enough not to have to be concerned about yard work, because we live in a condo and it’s taken care of for us.  There is some good and bad things about that that I won’t go into here!   I have to admit, however, that I love a well cared for yard like a piece of beautiful art.

As I was coming home from running errands the other day I took the ‘scenic route’ home.  Since the completion of previously mentioned roadway, we haven’t needed to go through the ‘neighborhood’ to get to our house.  The other day I made the decision to drive that way because I wasn’t in a hurry.  To my delight, I passed by many well cared for yards!  My dream is to someday have a nice home with beautiful landscaping and have a gardener to take care of it!!  While I don’t mind some gardening…. it’s not really my ‘thing’ like it is for some people.  It’s not a personal passion of mine.  What a blessing it is for people who thrive on it!  I wish I had a little more of my Dad in me when it comes to gardening.

To counter the beauty of a well cared for yard, is one that is poorly cared for!  I’ve seen a couple of those lately too.  The bad part is when those unsightly yards are in the middle of a whole neighborhood of nice yards.  Though my husband would disagree with me, I guess that’s one reason why some restrictive covenants in a neighborhood are nice.  We aren’t fond of a lot of the ‘rules’ we have to live by living in our condo….. but I can see where a few ‘rules’ in a neighborhood would help to make it always look nice.  The sad part about that really, is to think that we even need ‘rules’ to make us do it!  It should be something that we take pride in.  It’s really no different than taking care of any of our other possessions, or even taking care of ourselves.  We shouldn’t have to be told to do any of that.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.

I need to clarify here that I do understand that some people aren’t able to take care of their yards.  I’m really not here to put anyone down.  I know there are always extenuating circumstances.  Perhaps that’s a time when we as neighbors can lift a helping hand.  My point about this topic is, that seeing a well cared for yard makes me happy!  I appreciate them and enjoy looking at them.  I know we can’t all have mansions with great yards…. but I can enjoy looking at them!!  I’m grateful when people take pride in their yards to help make the world a more beautiful place to live in!

I am Grateful!  How are you?



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