Neighborhood Games

Sometimes I wonder if the youth of today are getting as much out of life as we adults did when we were kids!  In some ways they have so many more opportunities than we did…. and they have tools for learning that were not available to us.  Advancements in technology and such make the world much more accessible.  But what about the simple joys of friends and neighbors?

Perhaps I’m a little off here since I don’t have young kids or grand kids so that I can really see what this generation is experiencing.  It just seems to me that way too much time is spent in front of a TV and other forms of electronic entertainment (this includes adults too!) instead of good old neighborhood games!  I remember many a night staying out till past dark playing games with all the neighbor kids.  Probably my favorite was Kick the Can.  And of course the standard games like Red Rover, Mother May I or Red Light Green Light.  There were many more that I’m not remembering the name of, but the point is we spent hours playing with each other!  We didn’t have the distraction of a million programs on TV (except maybe afternoon cartoons…) And we definitely didn’t have all these ridiculous ‘reality’ shows taking up our time!  Sorry if I’m offending anyone…. but I think they have gotten a wee bit out of control!

I know my children played a few night games when they were younger, but not as much as I remember playing them.  There were many more choices of things for them to watch on TV than I had.  In some ways I really feel sorry for the kids of this generation who don’t take advantage of the social fun of neighborhood games.  Not only were they fun…. they were great exercise!  Another thing that is lacking way too much no a days.  We are raising far too many couch potatoes!

Though I often envy, in some ways, the opportunities these kids have, and wonder what I would have taken advantage of if I were in their shoes, I’m very grateful that I grew up when I did!  Life was much simpler without all these choices!  We were allowed to be kids instead of having to start thinking about a career choice at such a young age!   One of the most important things in a child’s development is allowing and encouraging make believe, or creative imagination.   Those skills, when allowed to be carried forward into young adulthood create people who aren’t afraid to follow their dreams!  I’ve learned a lot about that lately.  Boy, how wisdom in learning can make you wish you would have known things long ago!

Thanks to all my great neighbors who made my life as a kid so great by being good friends and creating good times playing Kick the Can and a myriad of other games!

What games did you play as a kid with your neighbors?

I am Grateful!  How are you?

kick the can, red rover


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