Rush Hour Traffic

Today I had the opportunity to be in rush hour traffic on I-15 South!  I’m so grateful…………. that I don’t have to deal with that everyday!  It only added 20 min or so to my normal commute time from Bountiful to my home here in Riverton…..  I don’t understand why I don’t want to be a part of that everyday!

I have to admit….. I’ve been very lucky most of my life!  Though he is accused of robbing the cradle….. I was lucky enough to marry a man who had a steady job, a house and a paid off car.  We started our family quite quickly after marriage, since I was concerned about him being an ‘old man’ while his children grew up….. LOL!  It’s been 10 years since our youngest graduated from High School, which would have made my hubby about my current age back then….. and I don’t feel so old!  Anyway…. my point is….. I married a man with a secure job and was able to stay home to raise my kids.  Though we didn’t live in the fanciest house in town…. it was certainly adequate for our needs….. and I was blessed to stay home.

I’ve had a couple of side line business’ in my years, but not much that required a lot of commuting…. at least not during rush hour.  I did work for about 4 or 5 months with the company that made the Olympic Pins for the 2002 Olympics.  During that time, I did have to commute during rush hour….. BUT, I still lived in Murray at the time, so the commute wasn’t very bad.  I remember thinking back then how I was sure glad I wasn’t one of those ‘poor people who lived clear out South’ toward the Point of the Mountain. I was grateful I didn’t have to fight the traffic that much farther.  Funny thing….. here I am….. clear out south now!

I’m blessed to have control over most of my time.  I have a home based business that allows me to travel to my appointments and meetings pretty much when I set them.   I consider that a big blessing….. particularly after today!  I’d truly forgotten how awful rush hour traffic can be!  I know….. you’re asking yourself….. “if she has such great control over her time, why did she end up in rush hour traffic?”  Well…. I’ll tell you……  Poor Planning!  I knew I needed to get out to Bountiful for a Chiropractic treatment today (not at a specified time I might add….. ) but I just did other things first before I got showered and ready to go.  So…. poor planning on my part, put me in a situation that I didn’t particularly enjoy.  Yet it really did bring to mind how lucky I am to be able to chose the times I’m on the road.

I’m grateful to be blessed to have a choice whether to be in rush hour traffic or not.  Though I can’t always avoid construction traffic, as none of us can….. at least I can control when I want to be a part of it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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