Parading Again!

Once again…. my addiction come to fruition!  We just finished seeing the Utah Valley Parade of homes and I’m feeling fulfilled!

One nice thing we did today was take our daughter with us.  It was fun to see her reaction to some of the homes and decorations and also pointing out things that I would miss.  My husband will most likely not do that, because he most likely won’t see it!  Mandy is very observant.  Always has been.  It was fun to have a 3rd pair of eyes observing to help us catch the details.

I’m grateful that our schedule allows us to visit these homes during the day when they aren’t quite as crowded.  I do like taking my time and not feeling like I’m being pushed through by the crowd.  Since Mandy didn’t come with us the first day we went…. and we were allowed re-entrance into 2 homes…. we went back to a couple of homes that I knew she’d enjoy.

Of course, there were some pretty spectacular things in the big homes.   Here’s some of the things we liked best.  Home #16…. the indoor pool, the skating rink, the theater room with a stage that had an entrance from out in the kids play area.  The play area with ‘buildings’ and great artistic paintings on the wall.  My favorite area was the French Cafe themed extra kitchen in the basement.  So cute!  And all the themed bedrooms…. fun!

Utah Valley Parade Home #8


Home #10 had a great entertainment feel throughout both the main floor and the basement and it was very well decorated.  Home #14 had bright fun decor throughout with great furniture pieces and some fun structural things to the house, including little pass through areas between several rooms that little kids would love.  The bright colors mixed with black and white in the craft room and the fun colorful bottles and jars on specially made shelfs in the kitchen made it bright and cheery.  Fun beachy open feel to that one.

Home #8 had to be the winner for me this year.  Though it’s WAY more square footage than I would ever need….. the spaces were fun.  The main floor was perfect for one level living with great spaces to entertain.  The bedrooms upstairs were all nice size and well decorated.  The fun part comes with the basement in this one!   The first fun surprise was a basketball court plus an extra shop or work area under one of the garages.  Yes….. my husband liked that a lot.  Under the other garage they had what they called a ‘game room’.  Part of it was set up with a chair and TV, Foosball table, a pool table and a corner for the musicians (electric piano, guitar, microphone)  Then, passing through this room ,was a kids make believe play area with a full kitchen, (kid size of course) a reading area and a place to ‘shop’.  Add all of that onto a spectacular huge yard and it makes for a beautiful home for family gatherings and entertaining.  Sure hope they can afford a Maid though!!

Yes…. I do love the Parade of Homes!  If you have time and can catch it within the next couple of days…. I would recommend it!  If you only have a little time but would like to see what homes you can…. I’ll tell you which ones not to miss beside the ones I mentioned!

I’m grateful that I could enjoy this time today with my husband AND daughter!  It was so fun to have her with us.  Thanks for coming Mandy!  Oh….  the Northern Wasatch Parade begins in about 10 days!!  Yep….. I’ll be going!  Wanna come with me?

I am Grateful!  How are you?



One Reply to “Parading Again!”

  1. I have a strange fetish for checking out other people’s houses, so I would probably love the parade of homes! And I agree, house #8 is HUGE!

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