Changing Eating Habits

Let me just start off by saying that my Mom did the best she knew how when it came to cooking….. and she did well.  She did, however, raise her family on values that were being taught as new and healthy at the time.  Here’s a for instance…..  I remember her telling me years ago that she never nursed any of her children because they were told that baby formula was better for the baby than Mother’s milk.  Can you imagine the Baby food industry having the gall to teach and preach that to not only the young mothers….. but their doctors???  Now that’s just crazy!  I think the good Lord knew what he was doing.

Some of the other things that she was lead to believe back in the 50’s and 60’s is that this new fangled processed food was good for you.  (Of course…. that lie is still being feed to us today!!)  The availability of processed white sugar became much more accessible to the average income family.  For many years it was only available to  royalty or rich people.  When it became available to everyone at a cheap price….. that’s when our American diets began to change….. and NOT for the better!  And don’t forget the processed white flour!

Hmmm..... which one should I eat?

While many people still lived off the land, it started to become more of a prestige thing to be able to purchase processed  and convenient foods.  My Dad grew up on a farm, so we still had plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit from our yard.  I was very blessed that way, though I don’t think I realized how lucky I was.  We still purchased our fair share of processed foods.  But what woman in her right mind would want to spend an entire day baking wheat bread when this new white bread was so easy and cheap to get and tasted better to so many people!  Why slave over a hot oven all day….. just go pick up some ‘Wonderbread’!

It’s really a shame what the food industry has done to our brains and our bodies over that last several decades.  The unnecessary things they add to food that only make it more addicting, is really unethical.   I read somewhere that they know exactly which ingredients cause an addiction and they will add them to the food whether they are needed or not just to create an addiction.  I know…. that’s kind of implying a conspiracy theory….. but I believe we are all in charge of our health and that we need to educate ourselves to what is healthy for us and not let the food industry influence us so much.

An online article from US News titled “10 Things the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know” supports what I’ve been saying.  The 4th thing the article says is:

 More processing means more profits, but typically makes the food less healthy.

Minimally processed foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables obviously aren’t where food companies look for profits. The big bucks stem from turning government-subsidized commodity crops—mainly corn, wheat, and soybeans—into fast foods, snack foods, and beverages. High-profit products derived from these commodity crops are generally high in calories and low in nutritional value.

Proof that they are more concerned about making money than they are about our health!  It’s pretty sad…. which is the reason we need to be in charge of our own health and do what we can to help our bodies keep us healthy.

I’m grateful that I have been on a quest to change the way I eat.  I just wish I would have learned about it many years ago so that I could have taught my own children how to eat better.  Now they are adults, they will need to learn it for themselves.  Hopefully that will happen before they start raising families of their own!  I challenge all of you to try and make better food choices and be more aware of what you are putting into your body.  Your body will thank you for it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Here’s the link to the article referred to above:


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