Central Vac

I know…. I’m spoiled.  Keep in mind…. I married a real handy man!  (See a previous blog on the topic)  As such, the only expense we incurred when we bought our vacuum was the actual purchase of the Central Vac System itself, since he installed it himself.  When we bought this condo… the basement was unfinished, which made the installation much easier.

My entire house has only one room with carpet in it.  ONE!  Every where else is solid surface floors and just a couple of area rugs.  Vacuuming solid surface floors is much easier than sweeping!  Plus it picks up the dirt better.

Yeah.... I get dressed up when I vacuum! NOT!

The convenience of having a long hose that will cover all most the entire upstairs is really nice.  I only have to move the hose to the other hose outlet for one room on the upper level.  I love not having a big heavy machine to push back and forth.  Carrying a hose with a wand attachment is much lighter and all the attachments are right on board.  I can say that I truly love it!

In general…. vacuums are a wonderful invention….. in my opinion!  I used to be very grateful for the big old heavy Kirby that my Mom gave me when she got her a new one.  Now…. I wouldn’t want anything to do with it!  It was a back breaker!  However, a vacuum of any kind is a blessing!  Can you imagine what our ancestors had to go through without a vacuum?  I don’t suppose floors were ever really clean.  And beating rugs to get the dirt out?  Not my idea of fun.  We are very blessed to have vacuums.

I’m grateful for my Central Vac…..  and for the ease it gives me in making my vacuuming a breeze.  And my back appreciates it too!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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