Which Way Is Faster?

Have you ever had a disagreement with someone about something that you felt you were right about?  And yet, they felt they were right?  Well…..I’ve been waiting for just the right opportunity to show him I was right!  And tonight it happened!

A few months back. UDOT completed 11400 South so that now you can go all the way east on it from 1300 West to the new entrance on I-15.  For many many years 11400 had a break in it from 700 West to 1300 West that was not passable.  When plans for the completion of the corridor began, along with the new freeway entrance and exit, we were pretty excited about it.  Sometimes traffic coming west down 12300 South gets a little crazy.  10600 South has always been a little crazy!  (Come to think of it….. it didn’t go through a few years ago either….. at least not in a straight shot!)

East and Westbound traffic in this county has been a problem for a long time.  For those people who live very far west, the drive can sometimes be awful!  My husband used to teach out at Hunter High School.  We were living in Murray at the time, so he pretty much just had to go straight west and a little north for his trip to work.  He also had the opportunity to be on the ‘chain gang’ for the High School Football team.  After a few times of coming home after school for dinner, etc., and then heading back to the school for the game, he decided just to stay at school on game days.  He couldn’t stand the commute that time of day!  I’ve always been grateful that we didn’t live very far west just for that reason!  No offense to anyone who lives out that way…. there are some beautiful areas on the west side of the valley…. very beautiful!  I’m just not fond of the drive!!  In fact…. I love Daybreak…. a lot….. but I don’t want to live there because I don’t want to make that drive back and forth to 1-15.  (Though Bangerter Highway helps a lot….)

Anyway…. I digress!  My point of this blog is to say that I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to show my husband I was right about something!  He has insisted that ever since 11400 So opened up that is was much quicker, with less back tracking in his mind,  to go up to 1300 West then north to 11400 So and then east to the freeway.  I have always felt that it was faster the ‘old’ way…. up to 1300 West and South to 12600 So and then East to the freeway.    We live off 12400 South so we do have to ‘back track’ 2 blocks to get to 12600 South.  I have always felt that the speed of going up 12600 was faster than 11400.  They both have the same number of lights between the freeway and 1300 West…. so it really was kind of a toss up.

Tonight we got to put it to the test.  Coming home from his softball games, he was in his truck and I was in my car.  He was right behind me on 1-15 and I chose to go to the 12300 So Exit while he slipped off on 114th.  And the race was on!  Neither one of us drove any faster than we normally would have, and we both hit the lights just right….. but I beat him by about a minute or so!  Yeah for me!!!  It always made more sense in my head for it to be faster my way since a good part of the north/south commute would be on the freeway at freeway speeds vs. driving at 40 miles an hour.

It was a good and fair time of night to test it.  Driving at 11pm at night is not usually a time when you run into a lot of traffic.  And the fact that we both hit the lights just right and didn’t have to wait made it even more fair…. in my opinion!!   The best part is when he pulled in the driveway and came in the house and said “I’m really surprised!”    Of course, with a big smirk on my face I said, “I’m not!”

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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