Air Conditioning

I truly don’t know what happened to Spring this year!  I think it got lost on its way to Utah…..  or got a little mixed up with what time of year it really was…..  we surely didn’t have too many ‘Spring’ like days!

Let me define ‘Spring’ like in my book.  65-75 degree weather with a little breeze blowing, some days partially cloudy with chance of rain.  Maybe even a little rain.  Well… Spring had its own definition this year…. it was a very cold, wet Spring with very few days of nice weather.  There were a few…. but not many.    Well….. now Summer is officially here.  And it’s decided to make it official.

I went to the pool on Tuesday for about an hour.  It was pretty warm, but still quite pleasant.   Yesterday I decided to sit out on our deck while I filed my fingernails.  I was probably only there for 10 min….. 15 min max.  I came in the house dripping wet!  The sweat was running down my face and into my eyes, which doesn’t help when you have makeup on!   Today…. I went to the pool again.  For about an hour.  I was convinced I’d have to get in the pool to cool off because it’s very warm today, but luckily there was a just enough  breeze blowing to barely keep me from overheating.  However, I felt quite heat exhausted when I got up to leave.  Had to come home and sit in the cool air for a while.  I was sure grateful I had it!

Do you remember the days before central air?  I do….  Of course, we had a swamp cooler on our roof and it was definitely better than nothing….but not as nice as central air.  I am so grateful to have central air!  What a difference it makes!  We are so blessed and spoiled in this country with things like that!  So many people have nothing at all to cool them off except maybe a paper fan or a dip in a body of water!  I can’t even imagine what people did before air conditioning was invented.  I think about the clothes that women and men wore back then and the extreme hot temperatures they wore them in and I just can’t wrap my head around it!  I guess my divine maker knew what a Princess I was when he sent me to live in this time period instead of an earlier one!

I’m grateful and blessed to live in a nice home with central air and to be able to pay the bill for it!  Even though it gets ridiculously high….. I don’t know what I’d do without it!  I hope I never have to find out!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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