Civil War

Have I ever mentioned that I like musicals?  Yeah….. I do.  Being an actress myself…. I kind of like them.  A lot.  Tonight we saw Civil War at the new CenterPoint Legacy Theater in Centerville.   This is the 4th production of this show I’ve seen.  3 of the 4 times has been done by Rogers Memorial (now CenterPoint) and one by Hale Theater.  Obviously, I like this show.

I think my mind must be more aware of some things than it used to be, or maybe this blog is making me look at things in a different light.  I was struck by the show tonight by the thought of ‘what would I have done?”  Have you ever looked at certain points in history and seen the things they went through and wondered how you would have handled being there?  There are so many points in history that I have often wondered about what it would be like.  Each could become a separate blog topic.  Tonight my thoughts were with the Civil War era.

It’s so hard for me to even think about mistreating people….. people of any color.  I’m grateful to have been raised in a time when I didn’t notice that being much of an issue.  At least for me growing up in Utah.  I grew up without any colored people around me for the most part, so I don’t think I even understood it.  By the time I hit High School, I had only met a few, and I never saw any reason to be anything but nice to them.  Perhaps I was just naive….. but I just didn’t see a reason to belittle them.

When you see a show like Civil War or even anything related to that time period, I can’t imagine what it would have been like to be at war neighbor against neighbor and even your own family in some cases.  I guess those kinds of situations are still going on today in other parts of the world.  I am so blessed to live in America.

As the show progresses, you are made aware of the awful things everyone had to go through.  You see how slave families were torn apart by uncaring slave owners auctioning them off to different places.  You see the pain in that separation and the fear that they may never seen one another again.   You see the longing for their freedom and hoping that someday it will come.  Unfortunately, even though the slaves were ‘free’ after that awful war….. it took many many many years before they were treated fairly.

You also see the pain of the separation of families as husbands go off to war for both sides.  A poignant moment in the show for me is when a Union Captain is standing watch and has a conversation with a Confederate solider who is also standing watch for his side.  The conversation tells you that they really aren’t that much different from each other and it makes you wonder what the war is really all about.  Similar to what is happening with our soldiers today, you see death and the pain of leaving loved ones behind and their struggle to go on without them.   Again….. I thought… “What would I do?”

I’m grateful for shows like this that give me an inkling of what it must have been like.  A chance, for just a moment. to be caught up in the struggles of all sides.  I’m grateful that is turned out the way it did.  But mostly, I’m grateful that I didn’t have to be there.  My purpose and time is now.  Perhaps one day, someone will say they are grateful they didn’t have to live in my time!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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