Oh yes…. right there….. that’s the spot!  Boy does that feel good….. (in a semi painful sort of way!)  Yep…. it feels great.  Can I come back tomorrow?

Someday….. when I have the money, I think I’m going to hire my own masseuse to give me daily, or at the very least weekly massages.  Every time I have a massage, I wonder why I don’t do it more often!!  It has now been officially added to my dream list!

I’ve been having a little bit of trouble with my shoulder lately, which adds to the stress in my neck and shoulder blade area.  It felt so wonderful for those areas to be worked on today!  It was very relaxing.  I was lucky enough to get my massage right after a chiropractic treatment….. so I think my body was really ready for it.

The last massage I remember getting was probably about 3-4 years ago.  Loved it then too.  But, I think my muscles are responding better now than they used to.  I’m attributing that to a supplemental type product I take everyday.  Before taking it, when I would get a massage, even from my husband, I would think…. ‘Wow… I didn’t know that muscles hurt so much!’   Now, the massage just feels really good but is not slightly painful everywhere like it used to be… (only in my stress areas of neck and shoulders…. but it still feels wonderful.)  I was amazed and grateful at the difference.  I think it makes for a much more relaxing massage.  Instead of laying there thinking, ‘I didn’t know my legs were so sore, etc….’ I can just enjoy the smooth movements of the massage and feel the tension releasing in my body.  That’s why I want to go back more often for a while!  I’m thinking, that the more those areas are massaged and worked out….. the better luck I will have in not tensing up in those areas.

I’m also grateful for all the new coupon programs.  I bought this particular coupon for my massage because the gal works in the same building as my nephew’s chiropractic practice and they did a special to help promote her, so I decided to buy one.  I’m glad I did!  She is excellent and offered me another 1/2 off my next massage, so I’m going again!! …… but not for 2 weeks because of busy schedules.  I’ve also purchased another coupon massage at a different place that does a very different style of massage.  This one was recommended by a friend who is actually a masseuse herself, but she wanted to try it out herself because it’s a method she wanted to learn more about.  I mean….. masseuse’s need a massage too, right?  I believe she got a bigger discount by referring other people.  Now I just need to make an appointment with that friend to have a massage with her too!

As you can tell….. I think it’s time to start finding a way to budget in a massage or two every month.  I think I’m hooked!  I’m OK with continuing to buy 1/2 price coupons for now!!  If you’ve never had a massage….. I highly recommend it!

Thank you, Michelle, for the wonderful massage today.  I feel great and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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