Half Way There

I embarked on this journey of my Gratitude blog on December 28, 2010.  I have arrived at my 6 month mark.  Half Way there.  It’s been an interesting journey thus far.

This is a glass half full day! Keep filling it up!

My purpose of doing this blog was to make me realize that I had so much in my life to be grateful for.  I think most of us realize that anyway…..but by paying attention to it and trying to notice something on a daily basis has really opened my eyes.  Some days are harder than others, not because I’m not grateful for something…..but because I really didn’t want to blog about the same thing, and I’m so often grateful for the same things on a daily basis!    I think you’d probably all get tired of me singing the praises of my family everyday!

I found it quite interesting that as I was thinking about reaching this half way point, I got an email from “The Secret Daily Teachings” on gratitude.  I’m on their email list and get email once a week or so.  Here is what it said yesterday:

From The Secret Daily Teachings
:   To understand the power and the magic of gratitude, you have to experience it for yourself.  So why not begin by deciding to find 100 things a day to be grateful for?    
If you practice gratitude every day, it won’t take long before gratitude is your natural state of being, and when that happens you will have unlocked one of the greatest secrets to life.

Wow!   Finding 100 things a day seems like a challenge!  Do you think you could do it right now?  I have made 185 posts  on gratitude  so far on this blog and it’s taken me 185 days to do it!  What if I dropped the challenge to just 5o things?  Could you do it?  Are you willing to share that list with me in the comments section?  I’d love to see what you are grateful for that perhaps I am missing as I look around.  You don’t need to expound like I do.  Just make a list.

I’m challenging you to do it right now…… go ahead….. Grab a piece of paper and pencil….. I’ll wait    ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

What am I grateful for......???

Did you do it?  How does your list look?  Was it easy or hard?  Did you notice the little things that we take for granted everyday?  Did it require you to go outside to make it become 50 things?  Or, did you find it all inside your house?  Could you do it again tomorrow?

Wouldn’t this be a great activity to do with our little children?  What a perfect age to try and make them aware of how many things they have to be grateful for!  I think seeing the world through their eyes would be delightful.  The innocence of children will notice things we don’t!

Thanks for taking the time to make your list.  Hopefully it will become a “natural state of being” for you and it will start to “unlock the greatest secrets of life”.  It has begun to do that for me.  I really would love for you to share your list in the comments section.  Even if it’s only 10 or 20 things…….  it will enlighten us all!

I’m grateful for my gratitude blog journey so far…… this is truly a glass half full day for me and I’m so excited to fill it to the brim!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

PS…. I’ll be posting my list in the comments.  Some of them I’ve blogged on…. some I haven’t!  But it’s OK….. cause I’m still grateful!


2 Replies to “Half Way There”

  1. In no particular order….. here is a list of over 50 things I’m grateful for!

    Coconut Oil
    Swimming Pool
    Easy Chairs
    My Husband
    Pictures of Christ
    My Home
    A Walk in Closet
    An indoor bathroom
    My Children
    My dog
    My Car
    My health
    My sound mind
    My Parents
    My In-laws
    My extended family
    Fresh Herbs
    Parade of Homes
    My Bed
    My chiropractor
    My friends
    My voice
    That’s I’m loved
    Automatic dishwashers
    Quiet Time
    Live Theater
    Healthy Food
    My Faith
    To See
    To Smell
    To Taste
    To Touch
    To Hear
    Nutty Coconut Ice cream
    Almond Joys
    My country
    My mobility

  2. 1. my chocolate pointe, Dongwa
    2. computer
    3. facebook
    4. chicken
    5. D’Oterra oils, Deep Blue and Frankincense especially
    6. Artists
    7. Musicians
    8. quality singers
    9. cartoons
    10. ITC
    11. some of my nieces and nephews
    12. one of my 7 siblings
    13. many of my old and new friends
    14. the mountains
    15. grass
    16. the ocean
    17. my racquet balls back roller
    18. my glasses
    19. angels on this earth, and above
    20. my dad always and forever
    21. personal revelation
    22. computer geniuses
    23. memories of all my pets
    24. assurance of what waits for me
    25. personal revelation
    26. crab
    27. lobster
    28. Jamaica me
    20. raspberry chipotle
    21. asian sesame dressing
    22. wow, how long this is!
    23. peace in peaceful places
    24. Cabellas
    25. programmable recording on Direct TV
    26. grateful for clients
    27. investors that have vision
    28. people that can read between the lines
    29. helpful nieces and nephews
    30. high speed internet
    31. helpful computer guru friends
    32. volunteers
    33. my freind Pam who gives me tons of gifts
    34. freinds that moved away Tim and Tina, miss them
    35. Randy Lloyd
    36. freinds that help with my mom’s place
    37. water
    38. water
    39. water…oh, did I repeat that? let me change it to water filters!
    40. grass
    41. white sand beaches
    42. beaches
    43. grey beaches
    44. horses you can ride on the beach
    45. my dad
    46. Jesus
    47. the atonement
    48. music
    49. Dr. Edwards, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Anderson, and mostly my physical therapist
    50. Wanda Bangerter Copier, for reminding me to be grateful.

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