How can you be grateful for retirement when you’ve never had a job long enough to retire from it?   OK….. so I’m not talking about me.  How about the fact that my husband is retired!

I consider myself very blessed.  In so many ways.  One of the best blessing I’ve had in my life was to be able to be a stay at home Mom.  I was lucky enough to snag a man who had a secure job and owned a home when we got married.  I know, right?  L.U.C.K.Y.!!  Though we didn’t live in a palace, and the kids couldn’t participate in all the extra curricular activities they wanted to because we didn’t really have the money to support them….. none the less…… we have always lived very comfortably, and I was able to stay home to raise my kids.  My husband has always supported me in all my extra activities and been willing to help take care of the kids.   He was always around in the evening, so at least they had someone at home when I wasn’t there.

My husband taught school for 31 years.  Being a school teacher, he was off for 3 months of the year, so I was used to having him around all the time by the time he retired.  I have heard so many women say that they don’t quite know what to do with their husbands when they retire or I’ve even heard comments like “How can you stand having him around that much?”   Wow….. I guess I just married the right guy, cause I have always loved having him around!   When the kids were little, it meant he was around for us to go do things together as a family during the summer months.  Since they’ve been gone…… we’ve done things together.  Besides….. I can always come up with a pretty good size ‘Honey Do’ list!  (He’s a handy man….remember?)

Now, we have quite a bit of time to be together.  Unfortunately, we don’t yet have grandchildren taking up our time…… but we seem to find things to do.  We also recently started our own business that is very rewarding.  I say ‘we’……. he says ‘me’ ….. meaning he thinks its my business.  But he still supports and encourages me and once and a while even helps.

I love the spontaneity that we have to be able to pretty much plan our schedule the way we want to and switch it up when it needs to be switched.  I’m grateful that he had a job that allowed him to retire.  So many people now a days have no retirement benefits.  We are very lucky that we do.

Life is good.  I love having my hubby around and enjoying this time of our lives.  Someday, when there are grandkids in the picture, it could get a little more hectic…..but for now….. it’s wonderful!  We haven’t done much traveling…… yet…… but it’s coming!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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