Getting Off My Feet!

Oh. My. Goodness.!  I’m so grateful to be off my feet sitting in my easy chair!  Whew!

Do you remember what it was like to shop for school clothes?  I don’t know if it’s the same for people nowadays or not….. but way back then… there weren’t a lot of choices of places to shop in my home town.  We made a day of school shopping by heading into downtown Salt Lake.  We would shop at Auerbach’s, The Paris, then walk through Kress’s up to JC Penney’s and ZCMI.  It made for a LONG day!  We always came home tired.  At least I remember being tired as a kid.  Kids’ have a lot more energy than adults…. so I can’t even imagine how tired my Mom was!  Oh, wait a minute…… YES I CAN!!

You’d think I’d been out school shopping today as tired as I am!!  I should have come home with bags and bags of clothes with the amount of time my daughter and I spent shopping!   But no….. only a few bags with very few items!  We spent the day shopping for coordinating outfits for a family picture we are taking tomorrow.  As I said before….. Oh. My. Goodness.!  Why do we have to be so anal about coordinating things?  It’s just part of being a woman or being artistic I guess!

I learned something with today’s shopping experience……  It’s better to know what you are looking for!!  The last time we had family pics taken I knew exactly what colors I wanted.  It made shopping much quicker because we were honed in on certain colors and could walk past a lot of stuff because of it.  This time….. we weren’t sure what we wanted.  Instead of doing Black and White like I kind of wanted to do…. we were encouraged to go with color.  So we spent part of the day looking for ‘inspiration’ for the color scheme and the other part of the day trying to make it all work.   Trying to mix prints isn’t easy though.  That took up time and decisions back and forth too.  As it appears…. there will only  be one ‘print’ in the picture, with everyone else in solids.  Unless I change my mind again!   I’m allowed to do that, I’m a woman!!

I’m just glad to be home and off my feet!  I vow that next time we have a family photo scheduled I’ll give myself more time to plan out what to wear!  Or maybe I’ll send my kids out to do it!!  That’s a better idea!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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