Meditations for Women

Wow!  How I needed this right now.  Even though it’s one that came in my email a few days ago…  I had saved it to my blog drafts because I knew I wanted to talk about this website sometime.  Well…. I needed to read it again right this minute!  Here’s what I’m talking about:

“The true beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul.”

You don’t need a perfect figure, a huge and expensive wardrobe or a brilliant hairdresser, to make you a beautiful woman. Beauty is waiting there inside your soul, ready to be brought out.

Your joy in life and passionate pursuits make you sparkle and radiate excitement and energy. Your sexy confidence and enthusiasm light up your face and bring a swing to your walk. Your serenity, generosity and sensitivity are mirrored in your eyes and in your beautiful smile.

You are a beautiful woman – know it, believe it and live it!

Like I said….. I needed that right now!  A while back, I subscribed to the daily email from Mediations for Women.  There’s a link to the website right over there on the right hand side of my blog page under Blogroll.  I highly recommend you subscribe….. woman or man.  The daily thoughts are very uplifting.  I enjoy reading them very much.

The particular meditation quoted above must have been one that the universe knew that I would need tonight!  Somedays you just get down on yourself, you know??  I try so hard to remain positive….. but sometimes it’s hard.  The fact that I just saw myself in the preview shots of the family pictures we just had taken didn’t help.  Let’s just say I didn’t like what I saw.

I guess I need to read this one several times for a while and remember that beauty really is inside and that it shows more on the outside when you believe that!  Why do I have to be so critical of myself?  Why are we all so critical of ourselves?  Oh…. the cunning ways of the evil one!  Haven’t I mentioned this before?  Satan is so good about making us getting down on ourselves!  I think you’ll find it in my blog about Mother Eve!  Whew….. and he’s good!

I’m grateful to have run across this thought again this evening.  It’s truly what I need…. even though I’m having a hard time believing it for a minute.  I’m grateful that I happened onto the Meditations for Women website one day and that they send out daily messages.  I love the affirmation of daily uplifting thoughts!  I’ll leave you with one more thought from their website:

“Every woman holds the power to do great things.”

Yes, it’s true! No “if-ands-or-buts.” Once you believe this, you set yourself free to achieve the meaningful things you want to do in your life.

If you are looking outside yourself for the key to success then stop! Success is already inside you and always has been. Right now recognize it and own it. Don’t be afraid to step up and be yourself.

You deserve greatness!

And remember men….. these thoughts can apply to you as well!  You deserve greatness too!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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