Mustang Experience

Today was the day my husband’s been waiting for for 6 months!  Our trip out to Miller Sports Park for his Mustang Experience!

We decided to make a big deal out of birthdays this year and keep Christmas smaller as far as giving gifts to each other.  We thought focusing on the real meaning of Christmas might be more meaningful for us.

Getting ready to get in car #04!

We don’t have any grandkids… so it’s just us and our grown children, so no one will be missing out on making Christmas a big fuss like you do when there are little ones around.  Besides….. Nate’s birthday is a week before Christmas, and I’ve always felt like he got a little gypped!    I was always so worried about making sure that I had what I needed for Christmas, that his birthday became an afterthought….. and I hated it!  He was my best Christmas gift to me the year he was born, however!   This year we can put a little more focus on him.

Anyway….. my husbands birthday is Jan. 15th.  Since he was the first birthday of this new commitment to try and make a bigger deal of birthdays…..  we had to figure something out.  My daughter came up with the idea of all of us going in on giving him an opportunity to drive a car out at Miller Sports Park.  Since the 2 and 3 day experiences were just a little bit out of our budget…. we opted for the Mustang experience.    It’s a 2 hour experience which consisted of a short class explaining how to handle the car and how the process would worked,   then 10 laps around the track in a Mustang all by yourself, but being lead by a ‘pace’ car.  You couldn’t pass the pace car up.  Then the last part was 2 ‘Hot’ laps going full speed around the track with an experienced driver driving
with more speed than they did in their own laps.

Of course, I came along for the ride!  Well… not literally…. but I didn’t want to miss seeing it!  Unfortunately, none of the kids were able to work out their schedules to be there, so I was the only one.  Trying to maneuver 2 cameras at a time was tons of fun!  But I got some pretty good still shots.  Not so sure about the video camera!  It’s a pretty rocking ride trying to keep the car in the lens and not make the camera move a lot!  We’ll see how that looks when we edit it!  But at least it’s there!

I think my husband really enjoyed it.  He’s not the type that gets really hyper about things…. but I think he really enjoyed it.

After the 10 laps! The car says "Thanks Larry!" on the back

And he did VERY well too!  There were two groups of cars being lead by a pace car.  For some reason, the group he was in only ended up with 3 cars following and the other group had 5.  But that ‘s ok!  It made for more time for each driver to be the one following the pace car.  After two laps, the driver right behind the pace car would be asked to pull off to the left and slow down so that the other cars could pass and then fall back into the end of the line.  My husband was the only driver who kept right on the heels of the pace car when it was his turn to follow 2nd!  He was loving every minute of it!  Unfortunately, there was also a very inexperienced driver in his group.  Some one who works for KSL, because the whole experience for his was being filmed.  (Perhaps it will show up on the news sometime??)  It was almost like that guy was a ‘scared-y cat’!  They were always having to wait for him to catch up when he was in the rear…. and then when he was behind the pace care, the whole group had to go slower!  It was kind of frustrating, but at least with a smaller group following, they got more laps as the 1st car behind the lead car.

Now…. you need to understand something here….. my husband used to be partners with Larry H. Miller in a race car years ago!  They had a 32 Ford 3-Window Coupe they raced with one other partner.  They only raced it for a year or so before they pulled the engine out and put it in another car that he wasn’t involved with…. but they still raced for a while.  That has always been a great memory for John.  Luckily, Larry had some pictures of the car and gave him copies before he died.

The 32 Ford 3-Window Coupe

They hang on the wall in our den.  Now I guess I will have to add his certificate from today’s Mustang experience to the same wall!

What a great time we had today!  I’m grateful that my daughter came up with the idea!  I’m grateful it was such a perfect day weather-wise to make it a better experience all around!  I’m grateful for my cute husband and the fun he had doing it!  And, of course…. I’m grateful I could be there to see it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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