My Mobility

Can’t say enough about how grateful I am to be mobile!!

It’s hard seeing your parents get old.  Losing their mobility makes things so much more difficult.  My Mother’s mobility has really gone down hill this last year.  She needs a walker to get around and really has a hard time getting up and down out of a chair.  We got her a motorized easy chair a few years ago so she didn’t have to pull herself all the way up.  It’s so helpful for her.  Trying to get her in and out of a car to take somewhere is very difficult!   It’s just not fun thing to watch.

My Father in law has diabetes and doesn’t always feel his legs very well.   He likes to walk as much as he can, with a cane of course…. but he has a motorized chair to use when he’s out in public and has to go very far.  John’s Mom doesn’t walk that great either…. but she still manages to get around.  I wish there was some way to build a platform for her to stand on on the back of his ‘Jazzy’ so she could just step up and ride along with him!!  Not sure there’s really a safe way to do that.

I’m always impressed with people who have a difficult time getting around and yet are still determined to do it.  We have a Brother in the temple who’s mobility is greatly impaired.  He had a stroke a few years ago and one side of his body just does not function very well anymore.  His right hand is all curled up and his right leg drags as he walks.  And yet this man, is at the temple every Wednesday doing several sessions in a row!   It’s best for him if he can be in the group that gets taken up to the session room a little early so he has time to get there.  However…. because he likes to do session after session….. very often you will see him moving as quickly as he possibly can to make sure he makes that next session.  And it’s a workout for him to do that….  to keep up with the other patrons that are moving at a more normal speed.  He humbles me.

For a long time, this Brother did not want any help during the session.  He wanted to do it all himself.  I think he’s finally reached the point where he knows he needs and will accept help.  My husband was the one helping today. My husband asked me on our way out of the temple today, ‘How do you know how much help to give him and yet still allow his dignity to be there?’  I don’t know the answer to that.

I am so grateful to be blessed with a whole healthy body that still moves!  I can do stairs without problems….   I can walk and even do a little jogging for a short time if I chose.  I’m very blessed.  And I plan on staying that way for a long time by taking care of myself through proper nutrition and exercise!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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