Relaxing at the Pool

There are a few perks in living in a community with Home Owners Associations.   Some of those communities have pools!

Not that I’m a swimmer by any stretch of the word….  in fact not really at all….  but I do enjoy the aspect of being able to do a little exercise in the pool.  A few years ago, after my knee surgery, I was given some physical therapy exercises to be done in the pool.  Since then, I’ve kind of enjoyed jogging or marching around the outer edge of the pool and doing stretches and such in the water.  While I don’t actually get in the water every time we go up to the pool, when I do…. I love to get that jogging in.  It’s amazing what a work out jogging through the water is…. especially the deep end!

Usually when we head up to the pool there isn’t anyone else there.  I know!!  Can you believe it?  But remember…. we live in a Senior community and that makes a big difference on how often the pool gets used.  Guests are only allowed in the pool area with an owner.  So there are only kids there when their Grandparents are there with them.

Today, it just so happened that our neighbors, who also happen to be good friends of ours, were there with their Son and his wife and kids.  Normally we just sit quietly enjoying the sun and the hot tub and read for about an hour.  But today we enjoyed conversation, a little water volleyball, exercise and the hot tub!  We stayed much longer than we normally do because we were visiting with friends.  It was a great day……  and much more fun than when we are there ourselves.  (Though I enjoy those times too!)

I’m grateful to have had a nice relaxing afternoon around the pool with friends today.   I’m grateful that I can enjoy the use of our pool.  As long as the weather continues to co-operate… I’ll continue to enjoy it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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