The King Family

I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have such amazing people be a part of my life.  I’m blown away sometimes when I think about the caliber of people it has been my privilege to associate with!  Such is the case with the King Family.

I met Michelle at BYU.  We were in a performing group together.  I still remember the first rehearsal she came to.  I sat next to her in the Alto section.  Everyone was introduced to each other, since it was the beginning of a new school year.  I remember being amazed at her age.  Simply because being the brilliant girl she was, she was starting college a year earlier than most people do.  I was impressed with that.  But there was something else too.

Have you ever met someone and just felt sure that you know them from somewhere?  Well…. that’s how I felt about her.  But how could I know her?  This new girl from California?  There would be no reason for me to know who she was.  And yet, I was certain we had met before.  To this day, I’ve never forgotten my response to trying to figure it all out.  “It must have been in the pre-existence then!”   I’ve always felt there was a reason I was suppose to get to know her.

Today was a manifestation for me of just one of those reasons.  She and her husband Steve, just returned last week where Steve was serving as Mission President to the Atlanta, Georgia Mission.  We took the opportunity today to go and listen to their mission report.  And I’m awfully glad we did.

What great people!  I’ve always been impressed with Michelle’s ability to speak.  I’m sure a lot of that has to do with her training as a journalists and being a reporter for Channel 2 for many years.  And yet…. even in her newscasting career, she was always humble.  Her talent of speaking is combined with a strong and wonderful spirit and an ability to share her message so profoundly.  You could feel of her love for the gospel, the missionaries she worked with as well as the people of Georgia.

Then there’s Steve.  My goodness.  What a spiritual man.  I can see why the missionaries would love him so much as their leader.  He too speaks with power and great ease.  I told my husband that i’m predicting that he will one day be asked to serve as an Area Seventy or something  similar.  The two of them together are a wonderful combination and would be a tremendous addition to the church that way.

I was also impressed with their youngest son Conner.  He was the only one who went with them.  I’ve been lucky enough over the years to have gotten to know and work with the rest of the King children through a performing group I directed years ago.  However, Conner was never a part of that, so I never got the chance to get to know him like the other kids.  Today I was extremely impressed.  Here’s a kid who was ‘uprooted’ from spending his High School years with the kids he’d grown up with, and yet, was able to not only make his experience in Georgia OK…. he made it a great experience for him and those he associated wtih!  What a terrific kid!  All of the King children are that way in my eyes!

I’ve always considered myself blessed to know them.  It’s been fun as Michelle’s friend to see her family grow into such wonderful people.  And I might add….. BEAUTIFUL people!  There’s not an ugly gene anywhere in that family!

I’m grateful for the privilege of knowing the King family, but I’m even more grateful to be blessed by being exposed to their inspiration and friendship!  Thanks for including me in your circle of friends and…. WELCOME HOME!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


2 Replies to “The King Family”

  1. Wanda,
    How nice to read your blog, and to know the subject matter. I love the Kings. Wish I had known about their talk. Love you too…and miss you!

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