Amanda Lyn Copier

Last week I said goodbye to my daughter.  Thankfully it’s not a permanent goodbye…. but it’s the first time she’s moved this far away from home.  St. George is an easy afternoon’s drive away……  but where she’s living in Arizona is MUCH further!  We are already missing her, even though it’s only been a week,  but I’m grateful that I can at least communicate with her everyday if I chose!  (Unlike when sending a son or a daughter  on a mission.)  Today, is Mandy’s 30th birthday.  I know!  I can’t be that old!  :o)  Let me just take the time to express my gratitude for her.

Thirty years ago yesterday, I forced my husband to take me to the Horse Parade in downtown Salt Lake City.  Mandy was 10 days overdue at the time and I was determined to find a way to help her make her entrance into this world!  We purposely parked several blocks away from the parade so I could get some good walking in.   I was hoping that it would send me into labor.  And it must have worked,  because she was born the following morning around 7:27 am.

You have to realize that my children we all born just before ultra sound for pregnancy came out.  With that in mind, you’ll understand that I had no idea if Mandy was a boy or a girl!  (It’s actually kind of fun not knowing!  It makes the actual birth a little more exciting.)  My oldest son, Jon had been born in April the year before. (Yes… they are close in age!)  Because we had already had a son, I wanted a girl so badly I could taste it….  but I was just positive that Mandy was a boy.  Just because I wanted a girl so much…. I didn’t dare possibly think it could be a ‘she’.  My births were also done in the delivery room.  Birthing rooms were just barely starting to become popular, but weren’t available at all hospitals.

I was rolled into the delivery room that morning just as I was getting ready to deliver.  I’ll never forget the moment when she was born…  the doctor casually said, “It’s a girl” and it’s like I didn’t hear him.  I said, “Don’t tease me!”  Finally my husband had to say…. “Honey… it’s really a girl!”  As they placed her in my arms I was crying pretty good tears of joy by then!  I was ecstatic to get myself a girl!

Since then…. life has been full of joy.  While we’ve had our ups and downs, as most families do…. she’s always brought a lot of happiness to our home.

One of Mandy’s many qualities is that of having a great sense of humor and being funny.  She can literally be the life of the party.  I’m sure many of her friends would attest to that.  She’s also very good at making friends.  I know she has a big opportunity right now to make a lot of new friends, and I know that she will do that easily.

Proud Dad with his new baby girl, Mandy

Oh how that girl likes to have fun!  In some ways I wonder if she’s still a kid!  She’s always loved  celebrating holidays and  birthdays…. especially her own!  She will keep dropping hints…. weeks in advance….. that it’s ‘almost my birthday’.  I guess that’s not really a hint, is it?  But she does love to party, especially when it’s for her!  She’s a great kid.

She’s always been a thoughtful and caring daughter and sister.  One of my favorite memories of her is when her little brother Nate was born.  She came to the hospital with my husband and her older brother, Jon, to see Nate and I.  She was sitting up on the bed with me and I was helping her hold Nate.  She was loving and cuddling him…. and then my Mom walked in the room.  The first thing she said was ‘Give me that baby!’.  Of course, my Mom grabbed him out of Mandy’s arms because she was excited to see her new grandson.  Mandy let out the biggest cry and yelled, “MY BABY!”  It was just as if someone had taken away her favorite toy!  It’s a precious moment that is forever imprinted on my mind!

Can you see the big tears still on Mandy’s face? This was right after Grandma had taken her baby away! This is our first family picture taken after all the kids were born!

I’m grateful for a daughter that has become my friend.  As with most Mother daughter relationships, we’ve had our struggles over the years.  But that’s all part of growing up.  But now, I think we can both safely say we are friends.  I’m grateful for the constant joy she has brought not only into my life, but to others!  My gift to you today Mandy,  can only be my love, since you’re so far away!  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for choosing to come to our family.  I pray that you will always know how special you are and the potential that you have to be whatever you want to be!  I love you……  Happy Birthday!!   Love… Mom

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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