Baby Steps

I have a dear friend who writes a syndicated column every week.  I always enjoy his articles.  I’m grateful I’m a close enough friend that I get an email copy of his articles since I don’t take any of the papers they appear in.  I believe I’ve blogged about him before.  Great guy.

Today, I wanted to share with you the gist of his latest article, or at least what I got from it.  I felt the topic was so great.  It really made me think about some things.  His article today was titled ‘One Mountain at a Time’.  Here’s the link to his Facebook post of it if you want to read the whole thing…. which I recommend…. it’s a great article.

I need to set some goals for my current business.  It’s my own business, so it’s up to me what I do with it.  I haven’t been very good about writing those down.  I have an idea in my head of what I want to acheive…. but I haven’t ‘written’ them down.  I suppose there’s always that fear that I won’t reach them, so I don’t want to be reminded of what they are.  Do you ever have that problem?  Fear of commitment and/or failure?  I realized after reading my friends article that I need to take the time to break those goals down into bite size pieces… “One Mountain at a Time’.  

You can get discouraged when you look so far forward and see the vast amount of space between you and that ‘mountain’ way off in the distance.  But if I can set smaller goals…. ones that seem closer to achieving…. then it makes it easier to swallow.  Then perhaps  I won’t want to sit down under a tree  and just give up.  I once heard an analogy of using a staircase with 1 inch steps as a visual to determine how far you’ve come.  When you only move up 1 inch at a time, it doesn’t seem like you got much accomplished….  but if you keep moving up those steps…. little by little, one inch at a time, baby steps……you’ll get to the top and finally look back and wonder how you did it.

One of my problems is putting a deadline to a goal.  I know all successful people say that it’s necessary in order to really succeed.  Again…. perhaps the fear of failing is my problem.  But, also a concern for me, is knowing that I’m going about moving my business forward in the right way.  But that can also make it easy to make excuses too!

I think I’m ready to make some smaller easy to reach goals.  Ones that are doable and yet will add up to the big picture….. move me closer to that big mountain ahead.  And to write them down!!

I’m grateful for a friend with such a talent for writing and for writing about such great topics.  It’s truly a blessing and an honor to know him.  I’m grateful for his reminder that I just need to conquer the little hills right now and I’ll eventually get there!  Thanks for the inspiration once again, Joe!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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