My Friend Lyn Wright

I have some cool talented friends!!   Today, I’m grateful for my friend Lyn.

I meet Lyn about 4 years ago.  Her husband Joe, was asked to come join the softball team my hubby plays on for the Senior Games in St. George.  I believe our team manager had watched him play with another team he was there with and asked him if he’d like to come play with Second Wind during the Senior Games the following year. They live in Arizona, so the only time he usually plays with us is in St. George.   Lyn is Joe’s wife.  We hit if off really well that first year.  We didn’t see each other again till the following year at that games.  That next year we really bonded, and each year since we have become better friends.

This woman is a hoot and a half with talent oozing out her ears!  She’s always making me laugh, and yet we can have serious heart to heart talks.  We are actually Facebook friends now, so we can keep up with each other all year long.

This weekend, we made the trip to Pocatello Idaho to participate in the Idaho Senior Games.  It’s not a very well attended event…. but the guys love to play ball enough, that they will look for any excuse to do it!  They invited Joe and Lyn to travel all the way from Arizona to play with us and they came!!  Lyn’s Mom lives in the Logan area, so they are killing two birds with one stone by stopping and visiting her Mom while they are up.

Back to the talents of this woman……  holy cow!  She is so creative.  Her brain was going 90 miles an hour today while we were visiting, because she was getting new ideas of how to put her creative handwork to use in other ways.  She is a fabulous painter.  She does a form of tole painting called ‘One Stroke’, and she’s good at it.  Look at this darling purse she painted and brought to me!!  So cute!  She’s actually started her own business called Persnickety Things, and she does very well when she sets up her booth.  No one can resist her stuff!

Lyn's One Stroke flowers on the back of the purse

One of her new things that she’s been doing since last October is making fabulous fabric flowers.  They are so cute and unique.  And she brought several for me.  Now I like to bling up, but sometimes I wonder if I’m overdoing it for someone ‘my age’.  Lyn doesn’t care about any of that.  If she likes it….. she wears it and she wears it  proudly and well!  So I got brave and put one of her cute flowers in my hair when we went to dinner tonight and loved it!  I can also use them as a corsage or on a hat…. any place we can clip them too.

I’m so grateful for my friend Lyn.  I’m grateful that she’s spunky and fun and compassionate!  She makes me realize that I really shouldn’t care what other people think.  If I like it….. it’s OK.  She has become a dear friend to me.  I’m so glad we are finding excuses to see each other more than once a year!

Here's the front of the purse..... see the crystals? So cute!

Thanks for being who you are Lyn, and for making my life so much more fun!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


2 Replies to “My Friend Lyn Wright”

  1. I am also grateful to count Lyn as a friend. Her qualities are amazing! She is a talented singer and a vivacious choir director. She once made me a wonderful after bath oil. She has this wonderful little old home that has a smaller, separate building that she works a lot of her magic in –painting, beauty concoctions –I think that it used to be a potters building. Oh, and when anything needs planning and getting done, she is the go to lady. She makes things happen around her. She truly loves and serves people. She might not be a goddess yet, but she sure is trying. So in summary, Lyn is an artist, a singer, a business lady, generous, and last but not least, a wonderful and true friend. I am lucky to have such a friend! —Elaine LeVan

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