Life is Like Coffee

Have you heard the story or analogy of comparing life to Coffee?  I’ve attached a link to a great presentation telling the story here.  I think this post will make more sense if you take a minute and watch it.

I think this story is so great because it reminds us that it’s not what kind of house we live in or what kind of car we drive that’s important….it’s how we live our lives.  Material things don’t make us better people…..  how we treat each other speaks volumes about who we are.  The good old phrase ‘Actions speak louder than words’ comes to mind.

I think you’ve all heard stories about millionaires who live a very modest life.  Many of their friends don’t even realize they are wealthy, yet they are content and happy with very little.  In contrast, there are those who have millions but lack happiness.  As the coffee story suggests…. they are more concerned about the ‘cup’ then they are about enjoying the what’s inside the cup.

Don’t get me wrong…. I don’t believe money makes people miserable.  Quit the opposite, in my opinion.  As long as you recognize and acknowledge the blessings in your life and ‘pay it forward’ so to speak…. I believe rich people can be very happy.  Many of them are.  Many of them use that money for wonderful causes…. which is what I would consider paying it forward.   Savoring the coffee.

I’m grateful for reminders to not be so concerned about the ‘container’ of life…. but to be happy with ‘life’!  I’m grateful for people in my life that are examples of that.  My husband being one of them.  Thanks for setting an example.

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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