Lost Horizon

Have you heard of Shangri-La?  How do you define it?  Free Dictionary.com defines it as follows:  An imaginary remote paradise on earth; utopia.    A distant and secluded hideaway, usually of great beauty and peacefulness.  The term came from James Hilton’s book: Lost Horizon.

Though the book has been made into a movie more than once, the version I’m familiar with is the 1973 version which was a musical of sorts with Burt Bacharach music.  As a teen…. I loved that movie!  Though it was an apparent flop in the box office, I think it still had a following.

Last night I found the whole thing on Youtube!  Can I just tell you how happy I was?  I know…. some of you will think I’m nuts, cause it’s kind of a quirky version of the story, with music and all…. but I love it.  It brought back a ton of memories.

There are a lot of deep messages in the story of Lost Horizon.  The whole idea of finding ‘Shangri-la’ …..  a utopia that I think we all desire.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a place where the was no crime, no war, no sickness, no pollution, no sadness.  All men are treated as equal and enjoy the benefits of working together in peace.   Ah…. I guess that’s a description of what the Millenium will be!

In the meantime, what can we do to have our own ‘Shangri-la’?  Wikipedia suggest that the term is used as a metaphor or figure of speech:  Shangri-La is often used in a similar context to “Garden of Eden“, to represent a paradise hidden from modern man. It is sometimes used as an analogy for a life-long quest or something elusive that is much sought. For a man who spends his life obsessively looking for a cure to a disease, such a cure could be said to be that man’s “Shangri-La”. It also might be used to represent perfection that is sought by man in the form of love, happiness, or Utopian ideals.

In that context, finding our own Shangri-la is extremely personal.  The most important part of the concept, I think, is to be happy and content when we get there….. but being unhappy along the way is not a good thing.  I think many moments in our lives can become ‘Shangri-La’s’.  As I said in my post yesterday…. ‘savor the coffee, not the cup’!

I’m grateful for the chance I had to watch Lost Horizon on Youtube.  Though it was in 15 different  sections… I still really enjoyed the trip down memory lane.  I enjoyed being reminded of the important things in life…. being content with what you have…. who you are…..  Though there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make your situation better than it currently is, you have to be grateful for the now in order for things to get better.  Here’s to all our quests for our own Shangri-La!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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