BJ Jackson

I’ve been blessed to know some amazing people in my life.  Really.  I could probably blog about one a day and still have many left over in a years time!  The fact that I keep meeting some pretty amazing people helps!

I met BJ Jackson in 2004.  I had just completed Real Estate school and was interviewing Brokers to see where I wanted to put my license.   I actually had BJ as one of my teachers in Real Estate school for one class.  I remembered her because I was impressed with her skill of memorizing names.  She went around the class room and asked what everyone’s name was and then was able to repeat it.  I can’t remember her exact association right now, but I remember that she had something to associate the name Wanda with.  It seems it was a friend or a relative…. I’ll have to have her remind me!  I’ve always been impressed with people who can remember a whole room full of names in a matter of minutes!  I also enjoyed BJ as a teacher and remember that being one of the favorite classes I took.

BJ had her own Brokerage at the time I finished school.  I had already interviewed with a few other Brokers when I visited with her that day.  There was an immediate connection for me.  This was a big step I was taking.  I had pretty much been a stay at home Mom, with the exception of a short stint of running a Children’s Performing group called Spotlight Sensations.  Other than that….. I was making a step into a world I was very unsure of.

Bj and I hit if off right away and I felt at home in her office.  One of the things I loved, was that it was a small Brokerage, which meant that she would be much more assessable than if it were a large Brokerage.  I was feeling the need for my hand to be held!!   I found out after completing Real Estate School that they don’t teach you how to ‘do’ Real Estate in school….. they only teach the laws and rules!  I needed a mentor who cared!

I had one more interview after my interview with BJ and could not believe the difference I felt.  Besides feeling a lot of pressure from them to join their office…. I just didn’t like the atmosphere.  It didn’t work for me.  It was only a re-assurance that I was right in making the decision to go with BJ’s Brokerage.

BJ was and is an amazing Coach.  She’s a great Teacher and a wonderful Mentor.  I’ve always been impressed when she ‘has the floor’ … no matter what the reason!  She has become a friend to me.  Though I respected her position as my Broker, I always felt that she liked me as a person and a friend.  That made all the difference for me.

Though I haven’t done a lot with Real Estate the last couple of years, I am still great friends with BJ.  I don’t see her as often as I’d like since we don’t see each other in an office situation anymore…. but we are still friends.  She has even joined me in another venture I am pursuing.  Though she is still a Realtor, Coach and Mentor, she tackles many more things too!

I’m grateful for BJ Jackson.  I’m grateful for her concern and her Mentorship to me when I first started in Real Estate.  I always knew she cared about me and my success.  I”m grateful for her friendship, her example and her undying energy!  Thanks for being you, BJ!!  I’m honored to be your friend!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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