That’s Not the Way I Planned It!

How often do you get an ‘Aha’ moment?  Sometimes they come at times when you weren’t planning it.  Sometimes we need to be knocked off our pedestals to recognize we need to wake up.  Particularly when we didn’t think we were on a pedestal.

I don’t know about you….. but I thought I had things all figured out when I was young.  I knew just exactly how my life was suppose to go.  I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s in Utah…. so I lived in fairly ‘protected’ surroundings.  I guess you could say that I wasn’t really aware of the ‘big bad world’ out there.  Utah wasn’t a real radical place to live.  I guess it’s referred to as living a ‘sheltered’ life.  I actually don’t regret that.  I’m grateful for it.  Some people may see that as having missed out on a lot….. but I don’t think I did.  I was perfectly happy in my surroundings with my friends and family.  I had a great support system and everything I needed.

I always had plans to grow up, maybe get a little schooling, find a great guy, get married, have wonderful kids and have them repeat the process.  But life doesn’t always go the way you planned it.  At least that’s what it can seem like sometimes.  Oh….. don’t get me wrong…. I did all of the above mentioned planned things except for the kids repeating the process part.  Oh, it’s not that they aren’t ‘working’ on it.  It’s just not like I imagined.

I guess what I have to realize is that I can’t imagine their life for them, can I?  That’s their job.  And you know what?  That’s OK.  I’m learning that it doesn’t matter if they don’t do things the way I thought they should cause you know what?  I still love them anyway! NO matter what!  I have terrific kids!  They are wonderful people…. no matter what or where they are in life.  I think even they sometimes think things aren’t quite the way they planned them!  But they are working on it.  I guess that’s all part of the learning process.

I’m just grateful for some real awakening knowledge today that it doesn’t matter if things don’t go quite the way I planned them!  They aren’t my plans to plan, and I’m realizing that it doesn’t matter.  I can be happy and supportive with their plans!  Life is all about choices…. and I choose to be happy and supportive and excited at any step of their life!  Plan B is looking pretty dang good right now!  Let’s get this party started!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Collecting Rabbits….. and Dreams!

I was recently told to download a free ebook called The Jack Rabbit Factor.  May I suggest you do the same?  It’s an easy read…. only 80 pages.  I mentioned it the other day in my blog…. but now that I’ve completed it and listened to a free webinar by the author, Leslie Householder, I just felt I needed to mention it again.

This concept is a work in progress for me….. as I’m sure it is for many of you.  It takes a little time to re-think our belief system, but I think this book is a wonderful way to do it.  When you download the book, she will send you emails for 8 days with some tips and then she’ll send you a link to the webinar that I just spoke of.

My goal now is to not only write it down as I spoke of the other day…..but to make sure that my wording is done correctly.  And then to read it over and over.  Affirmations only work when they are really instilled in our head.

There are so many programs out there that deal with the law of attraction, but this is truly one of the best I’ve seen.  I’m excited to put it’s principles to work.  I ‘expect’ great things to happen in my life in a short while!

I’m grateful that I was told about The Jack Rabbit Factor.  I’ve always believed things come into your life for a reason….. or that we attract that which we are looking for.  Hence!  I must be ready to start collecting Rabbits…. and  Dream Big!

I’d love to have your comments below as to your thoughts of the book when you read it.  This could be a good place to help each other out with this universal law!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Stadium Seats and Shade

Isn’t it funny how we forget how grateful we are for something till we don’t have it anymore?  That seems to be the case with a lot of things…and tonight it was the case for Stadium seats and Shade!

When we packed for our trip last week, we took a lot of stuff out of the trunk to make room for all our luggage.  Both of my camping chairs were pulled out of the car and I didn’t remember until after I had left to go out to see my Mom today.  Monday’s are my day to spend some time with my Mom.  My husband is still playing softball on Monday nights and very often, he will leave early to go visit his parents before the game since they live fairly close to the ball park.  Depending on both of our schedules, we sometimes just meet at the ball park instead of going together.  Today was one of those days.

I realized about 20 minutes after I had left that the chairs weren’t in the car.  By the time I remembered and called home to tell him to bring them, he had already left for his parents house.  So…. tonight at the ball games…. (and yes…. that’s multiple games) … I had no chair.  The softball complex he plays at has large concrete stands in the middle with 4 diamonds surrounding it.

I guess I shouldn't be complaining..... at least the concrete stands are better than this option!

They are essentially just very large and very wide stairs made from concrete (which retain the heat, by the way!).  Not the most comfortable thing to try and lean against.  My back fairs much better at the games if I have either my camping chair with me or a stadium seat with a back on it.  Tonight I had neither.  From 6 pm till almost 10 pm.  Way too long to be without a seat with a back!  It made me realize how grateful I am when I have one!

The first ballgame he played in was on the semi-shady side of the complex.  At least you could pretty much sit in the shade which I was grateful for since it was 95 degrees outside at 6 pm!  Unfortunately…. the next ballgame was moved to the other side of the complex which happens to be the sunny side!  It was still plenty hot with very little shade to try and share.  Our poor puppy dog was getting overheated and did his best to find some shade.  Again…. it made me grateful that the first game was at least in the shade!  As the night wore on…. it got cloudy and a little windy.  By the time his 3rd game rolled around, it was quite pleasant.

At least the whole night was not hot and sunny….. but the whole night was without a chair with some support!  I can guarantee those are getting loaded back in my car tomorrow!  I still have several weeks of ballgames ahead of me and I want to be comfortable watching them!  As the weather cools off for the season…. I won’t worry so much about the shade…. just my seat!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Write It Down!

If there is one message that kept ringing in my ear this weekend at Convention…. it was WRITE IT DOWN!

It’s not like I haven’t heard it before….. cause I have!  We all have.  We should write our goals and dreams down.  I have a vision board.  It needs to be re-worked….but I have one.  I have written things down before but I don’t think I’ve done it with a lot of thought, and certainly not where I can see it all the time.

One of the presenters this weekend even suggested to write down your goals on 3×5 cards and carry them with you.  That way they are always with you to help you remember what you are shooting for.

The other thing I think I learned in conjunction with this, is to believe it will happen.  Several thoughts were given this weekend about visualizing.  One of the best references that was given to me was an online free downloadable book call The Jack Rabbit Factor.  It’s only 80 pages long, so it’s a quick read.  You can get it yourself by clicking here.  You’ve heard all the stuff before that’s in this book…. the Law of Attraction…. The Secret, etc…  But this book is very different.  It’s told in story format and creates a very clear picture of what we really need to do to get ourselves into the belief mode and visualizing what it takes to get us there.  Also about how important it is to write it down.

I’m grateful for the reminder and the motivation I gained this weekend to take the time to write it down!  It’s something that needs to be done, for many reasons.  I’ve realized these last few months that I really can make a commitment.  Even though it’s hard….  I haven’t missed a day of my goal to post everyday in this Gratitude blog.  Some of my posts have been late getting up…. like after midnight, because my day was really busy and I didn’t get it done till late…. but I haven’t missed a post!  So I know I can commit to things.

I guess one of the reasons I’m afraid to write it down and make it a commitment is because I don’t want to fail!  Ah….. isn’t that a problem for all of us?  Another bit of counsel I received this weekend was: “Don’t take counsel from your fears”.  So what if I don’t complete my goal all the way?  Will I be disappointed with the progress I’ve made in the process?  I doubt it.  You’ve heard the saying:

“Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.”

I think I can be happy among the stars on my way to the moon!  So I’ll WRITE IT DOWN!!  How about you?  Are you ready to write it down?

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Kimistry Is An Inspiration

What an inspiring few days I’ve just had!  Amazing….. truly amazing!  I have much to be grateful for.

I’ve just completed  some training at the 1st Annual Convention for ASEA.  This is the company I’ve chosen to hang my hat with and I can guarantee you, I’m here to stay for the long run.  Meeting the people I met and hearing the stories I’ve heard only make me more sure about what an incredible blessing and opportunity I have landed on.  An opportunity to change lives.

I would like to share with you one story of one person and her two children that I met.  Well… I didn’t exactly meet her in the traditional way….. lets just say that her children made such an impact at the Get Together party on Thursday night, that we all had the chance to be introduced to them and their Mother at the first General Session.  I just wish I had taken pictures!

I apologize right up front if I have misspelled the names here…. I’m going by phonetics of what I heard and have no idea of how they are really spelled!  I was deeply impressed by Kimistry Harmon and her two little boys, Javae and Javari.  This is s single Mom who’s had a very hard life.  Both of her boys are special needs boys.  Her oldest son Javari was born with a broken hip because of injuries sustained during Kimistry’s pregnancy.  Kimistry was beaten…. which caused complications and Javari to be born with a broken hip and other problems.  This little boy is now 7 years old.  What a delightful sweet child with such an amazing positive attitude!  His life has been hard because he has never been able to really walk.  He crawled on his knees some of the time or was restricted to a wheel chair, which he felt blessed to have.  Javae is 5 and has never been able to communicate very well.  Kimistry has struggled to raise her two boys alone and provide some kind of life for them, even with all the medical costs involved.  What an inspiring wonderful woman!

At our Get Together party on Thursday here in Las Vegas, there was a band playing.  The three lead singers were impersonators of the ”Rat Pack”.  They were very good…. which is to be expected in Vegas!  These two little boys and their Mother we out on the dance floor.  Javari, who had trouble walking till a few months ago. was on the floor dancing….. dancing his little heart out.  Some of it was busting a move on his knees, but very often done standing!  Now keep in mind, his little body is still twisted…. but he was standing and dancing!  Something he couldn’t do a few months ago.

His younger brother Javae was also having a good time.  Though he is a little shyer than Javari…. he was getting into it too.  Javae is now starting to communicate with his Mother.  Something that is making her life much easier when it comes to meeting his needs.  These are two little miracle boys who captured my heart and the heart of everyone there!    These blessings of dramatically improved health have come because these young boys are consuming ASEA.  It has helped their little bodies come into better balance and therefore be able to enhance their bodies ability to take care of itself.  Don’t get me wrong…. these little boys aren’t ‘cured’….. Javari still uses a wheel chair because his legs aren’t strong enough to hold him up all the time….., and Javae isn’t talking in circles or anything….. but he can now tell his Mom, “I tired” after a night of dancing.   These are small steps that are improving to make their lives easier.  And they are so happy about it.  It’s really amazing!

What truly inspired me was their Mother, Kimistry.  I was so impressed with her ‘never give up’ attitude and pursuing whatever it took to provide a better life for her boys.  She has had a rough go, but has never given up hope that things would get better for them and for herself.  Though I don’t think she expected their health to improve so dramatically like it did….. she never gave up hope for a better life.  This is truly a woman who has demonstrated an unconditional loving sacrifice for her children.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful little family and be so touched and blessed by their story!  It’s beyond words to express how it affected me….. To know and witness what a huge impact ASEA is having in people’s lives is empowering!  I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of this company!  I’m here to stay!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

A Soft Comfortable Bed!

It’s not mine….. but I could sleep in it on a long term basis!  I have to say….. one thing about staying in a luxurious hotel like the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas….. the beds are nice!!

No offense to my daughter….. because we really appreciate their hospitality of letting us stay with them ….. but I was SO grateful to get into a nice comfortable bed last night, I can’t even express it!

This is pretty much the bed we slept in... it's off the hotels website... but we have more pillows than the picture shows!

4 nights on a hard mattress that is only a regular size bed and sharing it with my husband can be rough on the back.  It’s OK for 1 or 2 nights….but by the 3rd night, I was starting to feel it.

Not only do we have a very comfortable bed in this beautiful hotel….. we also have a very nice room!  I’ll download the pictures I took when I have access to doing that, but trust me….. it’s gorgeous!

Though we didn’t get a room with a primo view…. we still have a nice view!  Plus, who spends lots of time on the balcony in 100 degree weather?  It’s inside the room I’m enjoying!

The bathroom in this room is nicer than my master bath at home!  It has a wonderful nice large shower and a air jet tub…. which I think I may take advantage of tonight!  Besides the wonderful comfy king size bed, we also have a living area with a sectional couch, a desk, another TV and a wet bar area.  Yeah….. it’s nice!

But the best part of this nice room was crawling into the wonderful bed last night!  Lots of down pillows, a down comforter and a comfortable mattress!  I was in heaven!  And I slept wonderfully well!

I’m so grateful that we have this wonderful room and comfortable bed for the next few nights!  It’s much easier on my back!  I’m not sure I would have survived in a cheap hotel and uncomfortable bed….. especially after 4 prior nights in a bed that my back didn’t enjoy that much….

It really makes you appreciate the comforts of life that you are used to…. Like my own bed….  even if they aren’t as posh as what we have right now in the hotel!  But…. I’ll enjoy it while I have it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Bridging the Gap

What a long drive!  ….. (actually…. compared to Sunday’s drive, it was a breeze! …. but it still was long!)  We drove to Vegas today from Tucson.  It was kind of a fun drive because it took us into territory that we had never been before.  I love discovering new parts of the country.

We passed through all kinds of desert areas…. both flat and mountainy.  We saw thousands of Joshua Trees as we drove through the Joshua Tree National Park.   We even passed a brief moment on Route 66 as we got off the highway in Kingman, AZ for a break.  Lots to see…. but one moment in the trip kind of struck me.  It was actually a comment I made that struck me, or made me start thinking.

As we passed through one of the mountain areas, we crossed over a bridge.  A highway bridge that made crossing from the one mountain to the other mountain much easier and of course, much quicker.  It wasn’t like a Grand Canyon drop off (which we crossed later in the day on the new bridge by Hoover Dam)… but it was a pretty good drop off.  As we approached the bridge, I said: “I think I’m grateful for this bridge!”  After I made the statement…. I realized how grateful I really was for bridges!  Just think of how long and hard a trip would be without them!  In some cases….. the path would be impassable!  Bridges are a good thing.

It actually made my brain start thinking about what building a bridge, of any kind, represents.  Wikipedia defines a bridge as:  A  structure built to span physical obstacles such as a body of watervalley, or road, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle.  I think the last sentence really says it all.  A bridge provides passage over an obstacle.  Though the definition defines those obstacles as a body of water, valley or a road….. a bridge can be built between two people, or groups of people….. metaphorically speaking of course.

If you google “building bridges”  you might be surprised at how many people use the term for support groups of all kinds whose purpose is to bring people together for some cause or improvement.

I can think of several songs that talk about metaphoric bridges.  One of my favorites is Love Can Build A Bridge by the Judds.  The words to the song represent the exact kind of thing I’m talking about here.

I’d gladly walk across the desert 
With no shoes upon my feet 
To share with you the last bite of bread I had to eat 
I would swim back to save you 
In your sea of broken dreams 
When all your hopes are sinking 
Let me show you what love means 

Love can build a Bridge 
Between your heart and mine 
Love can build a Bridge 
Don’t you think it’s time? 
Don’t you think it’s time? 

I would whisper love so loudly 
Every heart could understand 
That love and only love 
Can join the tribes of man 
I would give my heart’s desire 
So that you might see 
The first step is to realize 
That it all begins with you and me 

Love can build a Bridge 
Between your heart and mine 
Love can build a Bridge 
Don’t you think it’s time? 
Oh, don’t you think it’s time? 

When we stand together 
It’s our finest hour 
We can do anything, anything 
Anything, anything 
Keep believin’ in the power 

Love can build a Bridge 
Between your heart and mine 
Love can build a Bridge 
Don’t you think it’s time? 
Don’t you think it’s time?

I particularly like the lyrics of second verse and ironically, the part of the song they refer to as the ‘bridge’…..   it really does all begin with you and me!

Today I’m grateful for bridges….. both the physical and the metaphoric.   I’m grateful that they make the distance shorter for a passage over an obstacle….. physical or metaphoric!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Air Conditioned Cars

Man it’s hot here in Tucson!  And I hear it’s even hotter in Phoenix!  This is not the most comfortable time to be here!

Of course, I’m grateful for air conditioned homes….. I’ve said that before…… but today, as we went and did a little site seeing, I’m very grateful for air conditioned cars!

This is our last day here in Arizona so we thought we would go check a few things out.  Since my daughter just moved down here, she’s not very familiar with the area and didn’t know what there was to do, so of course, we Googled it!

We decided to drive over to Old Town Tucson Studios on the west side of town.  It’s an old movie set that I was excited to see.  I had studied the map and the directions that the iPad had given us, yet when we entered it into the GPS, it wanted to take us a different direction.  Luckily I remembered the names of the streets so we started going that direction instead.

The path we took took us up over Gates Pass.  At the top of the pass was a pull out area with some historical information and a little rock building way up the hill.  We got out of the car to check it out and we were hit smack in the face with the heat!  Of course, my husband decided to hike up to the rock building, which meant we were out in the heat waiting for him to go up and back down.  Even standing in the shade, it was hot!

The scenery was very interesting and I was intrigued how the cactus grew all the way up to the top of the mountain!  It made me realize that the cactus here is like our pine trees at home….. we have pine trees growing up our mountains and they have cactus!  No offense…. but I think I’ll stick with the pine trees!

We descended down the mountain and could see Old Town Tucson a head of us.  Unfortunately, Old Town Tucson is only open on the weekends, so we didn’t get to see it, but it looked awfully fun.  Maybe next time!  We then drove to the Sonora Desert Museum.  After getting out of the car again and getting socked with the heat….. we found out that we had arrived just about an hour before closing time and that most of the museum was an outdoor experience.  We decided it was way too hot to do that and not much time to do it in!  So, back into the cool car and onto our way to our next excursion.

This time it took us way to the southwest end of Tucson to the San Xavier Mission home.  It was built in the 1700’s and is slowly being renovated.  What an interesting building!  It’s very ornate in the chapel area.  It’s amazing to think of how they must have made those carvings that many years ago!  The building was not air conditioned, so once again, we were getting hot.  And….  once again my husband decided to climb up Grotto Hill while my daughter and I looked inside the Gift shop.  At least the shop was air conditioned!

We ended our excursion by stopping right outside the mission and getting a piece of Indian Fry Bread.  While my husband and daughter were waiting for them to be cooked…. I ran and got the car and brought it over closer to the stand.  That way it was nice and cool by the time they got in.   And boy, were we all ready for that!  Once we ate the Fry bread, we headed for home to the air conditioned house!  ‘Cause that’s what you do in the desert!

I am so grateful for air conditioned cars!  I can’t imagine traveling to hot areas without one!  We are so spoiled….. but I’m grateful!  Especially here in the AZ desert!  And yet, I hear that it was 100 degrees in Salt Lake today!  I guess we are having a heat wave!

We are off to Las Vegas tomorrow to more desert heat, but we are doing it in our air conditioned car… and I am grateful for that!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

It Feels Right With the Wrights!

Wow!  Just Wow!  What a great day it has been!

We are on our way back to my daughters after spending most of the day with Lyn and Joe Wright.  What great friends they have become!

I’ve blogged about Lyn before.  Check my post from July 22nd.  She is my extremely talented friend I talked about before.  What a blast it was to see her in her own environment today.

Lyn had told me about their little place here in Coolidge, AZ.   I kind of had a picture in my head of what to expect.  As we pulled up, the house was a little different than I pictured, but not my much.  And the inside was exactly what I would expect from someone who loves all things old and dear.  (Maybe that’s why the love us!)

Joe and Lyn Wright and John and I at the Senior Games in St. George in 2010

As we got out of the car, we were greeted by all kinds of critters.  Mostly Hens and Roosters, but we also saw Peacocks, cats and dogs.  And they all had names.  I don’t think I could even remember all of them except maybe Sweet Pea, the baby Peacock and of course Karma, the toy poodle….. but then again, Karma and I go way back.  And of course Lefty, the Border Collie they rescued.  They love every one of them!

When we arrived this afternoon, Joe was out helping a friend get his Ox out of a ditch.  That speaks volumes of the kind of guy he is.  And Lyn is the same way.  Either of them would give you the shirt off their back!  They are very generous people.

I was so excited to get to spend some time with Lyn out in her little Rock House.  It’s a small rock building out behind the main house that was the original homestead on the property.  I can’t imagine actually living in something that small…..but it was a great place for her crafting studio!  I love how she is so inventive in figuring out ways to keep all her projects organized.  It was fun to see walls of her cute fabric flowers and to see her new headband projects, as well as get a short one stroke painting lesson before I got to watch her paint a purse for my sister.  We had a ball in the rock house, and had some great conversation.  Girl talk…. You know.  Things the guys would have been bored with!

John spent a lot of time with Joe talking about who knows what.  Family…. Sports ….. life!  Men talk…. You know.  Whatever men talk about.  I’m sure it’s not nearly as interesting as what we talked about!

Then came just one of the many good parts of the day.  A wonderful home cooked southern meal!  Joe and Lyn are both from the south, so she wanted to cook us some real southern food!  And that she did!  It was delicious.  We had Chicken and Dumplings, Black eyed Peas, cornbread and sliced tomatoes.  I was full, but very satisfied and I enjoyed everything on my plate.  Good southern cooking!  After visiting for a while longer, we were treated to some to die for Texas Sheet cake.  Again…. Very delicious!

We also got to meet their one daughter Chole, and her kids.  They popped in for a minute to enjoy some of ‘Meemaw’s’ chicken and dumplings.  I guess it a family favorite and when they know she’s making it…. They want some!  It was a delight to meet them.

And of course, I was sent home bearing more gifts!  I brought her some little trinkets as a belated birthday gift and she sends me home with cute ‘Funky Flip Flops’,  a painted purse for my sister, some fabric flowers for my daughter and some home cooked southern food for my daughter and her boyfriend!

What a great day of wonderful southern hospitality in the middle of the Arizona desert!

I am so grateful for these wonderful friends of ours and the lessons I learn from them every time we are with them.  Many lessons…. More than they will ever know they teach me!  It feels right to be with the Wrights!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Give Me Land, Lots of Land

There are so many parts of the world that I would like to see.  So many.  But, even here in the USA, there is a lot I haven’t seen.  We live in a land with such varied landscape that it’s amazing to me.

Right now I’m in Tucson, AZ.  The ride here yesterday was pretty amazing to me.  I haven’t been to Arizona for a long time.  I had kind of forgotten that even in Arizona, the landscape is varied, depending on where you are.

Pine trees, Mountains and meadows of flowers.... that's what I saw a lot of in Flagstaff!

I was so impressed as we drove through the Flagstaff area.  My goodness….. it’s beautiful there!  It’s certainly the area I would want to live in this time of year if I was in Arizona.  It reminded me of some areas in Oregon….. minus the more humid climate.  I’m sure that Flagstaff gets some pretty severe Winters, however!  It’s a higher altitude than Salt Lake City….. so I’m guessing they get some snow.  I was surprised how many of the homes didn’t have ‘grass’, but instead were surrounded by fields of flowers.  I’m so used to the clean cut yards I’m used to seeing.  It was interesting, and beautiful I might add, to see houses surrounded by these flowers.  You really couldn’t see the ‘base’ of the house.  It was a very different look.  It gave more of a natural mountain look to the homes.

Leaving Flagstaff, it was several miles before we started seeing the obvious desert area again.  I was surprised at how green it stayed till just outside the Phoenix area.  We were approaching dusk as we hit the Phoenix area, so it wasn’t until we woke up this morning and went outside that I knew we were in the desert!  Yikes!  It’s hot here!  And dry….. but still beautiful, in its own way.  There’s a lotof dry scape landscape around here.  Even at the apartment complex that my daughter is living in, you have to walk quite a ways before you get to a grassy area.  It’s actually a little too far for the dog to make it, if you know what I mean.

Definitely a dryer look in Tucson!

I’m looking forward to the trip home in a couple of days via a different route so that we can see part of Arizona that I’ve never seen before!

I’m so grateful for this beautiful land we live in and know that I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg in my travels.  I hope to see much much more!  And sooner rather than later!

I am Grateful!  How are you?