Figuring it Out

I’m so grateful my husband loves technology!  He makes my life so much easier when I’m trying to figure new things out.

Someday….. when my son has time…..  (ha ha) …. I’ll get him to train me more on this Macbook computer he talked me into buying!  He’s an Apple guy, through and through.  I suppose he should be, since he works there!  There are many programs that I’m not familiar with on the Mac and neither is my husband.  My husband spends most of his time on a PC.  But today….. we, or rather he…. spent most of the day working on my Mac.

I’m entering a talent contest for my company.  Corporate is sponsoring a contest during our upcoming Convention.  You had to send in a Youtube video of you singing and it has to be in by tomorrow.  Well….. for various reasons, which I won’t get into here….. this has become a last minute project for me.  Not that I haven’t thought about it for a while.   I’ve thought about it a lot actually.  The problem was coming up with a song that I felt fit my style and yet was showy enough to perhaps be selected as a finalist.

We tried a different song a couple of weeks ago.  My son helped me get it recorded, using Garage Band,  and then my husband filmed me singing it in a nice woodsy background.  As my husband was working on putting the recording with the film, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t going to win any competitions with the song.  I sounded fine on it….. fairly nice even….. but it’s just not ‘showy’.

I’ve been singing for a long time.  I’m used to ‘selling’ a song when I’m on stage.   I found this one a little harder to ‘sell’ on camera.  So, we were back at square one!  It took another day or so before I found another song I felt comfortable with the arrangement on that I could find a Karaoke track for.

With the crunch in time now upon us …. plus the fact that I couldn’t ‘envision’ how to put this song on film without a LOT of work….. we opted to just make a slide presentation to go with the song.  That’s where my hubby was wonderful today!  Neither of us have ever worked with iMovies.  Thank heavens for a few tutorial videos!  …. And my husbands patience!

Thankfully we figured it out…. I should really say he figured it out!  I think it turned out OK for our first try.  Now, whether it will be good enough to be a finalist remains to be seen!  Yes….. it’s the singing they will be judging, not the video, but I couldn’t have done it without him!

I’m grateful for iMovies being a user friendly program to use.  I’m grateful for my husbands patience and help in getting it done!  Thanks, Honey!  Now will see what happens!  Wish me luck!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Here it is if you want to see it!


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