In-N-Out….. is OUT!

Oh, I may make a few of you mad by this one!  I apologize…  but I really am grateful that we took the time to get the curiosity out of my system today!

Oh, I like a good burger just as much as any one else.  But therein lies the difference….  I’m talking about  a good burger.  What I had today at In-N-Out was a very average burger.  Nothing special…  not terrible by any means….. just a pretty plain burger.  I guess if you are only comparing their burgers to places such as McDonald’s or Burger King or some other  large fast food chain, then I guess it would qualify as being  in the ‘better’ category, I don’t know.  I don’t eat at those places.  But in my humble opinion….. those kinds of places aren’t really ‘burgers’ either.  I’m more of a Gourmet burger kind of gal.

I’ve just never understood what all the hype was about when they came to Utah.  I’d drive by as they opened a new store and see lines for the drive up window several blocks long!  When you see lines like that, you expect a GREAT burger!  Not the case.  It’s just average.  

The first time I ate at an In-N-Out burger was several years ago in California.  I’d heard the hype and was excited to try it.  We had traveled down to attend my nephew’s wedding.  The In-N-Out burger was just a few blocks from our Hotel, so we decided to take a walk down there and try it out.  I took my first bite, waiting in anticipation for the great juicy burger I’d heard about and was very disappointed.  My parents were still in pretty good health at the time and had taken the walk with us.  My Dad was anticipating that burger too.  We were all disappointed.  You know how it is sometimes when someone builds up the hype about a movie or something in your mind so much that by the time you actually go to see the movie, you are disappointed?   Well, that’s what happened, I think.  I guess it’s all a matter of perspective and opinion.

Today was my test to see if I was just off my rocker several years ago when I first tried it…..  I wanted to give it another try….. just to be fair.  But, unfortunately, once again I was disappointed.

You are all entitled to your opinion about where your favorite ‘best’ burger would be….. but mine is definitely NOT In-N-Out burger!  I prefer one with much more flavor and probably some different fixings than just the plain old American style.   Again…. that’s my opinion.  I guess some will say that I shouldn’t compare ‘apples to oranges’.   Perhaps I have here.

“But what about the fries?” you may be thinking…  Sorry.  Not impressed there either.  I understand that they are made fresh everyday…. I get all that.  But the fries we had today were extremely dry.  Perhaps it was a bad batch?  They were nice and hot, but they were very dry.  I’m not a ketchup or fry sauce kind of gal…. I like to eat them plain.  So there’s no covering up what they really taste like by covering them up with a sauce of some kind.  They were just… OK.  Not great.  Not that I would say someplace like McDonald’s were better…. cause they are not…..  I just wasn’t that impressed.

Again….. maybe it all comes down to being built up with the hype and then being let down when it’s not as good as you had imagined.   Truth be told…. I’m trying hard to change my style of eating.  Trying to eat a much more healthy diet.  Fast food in general is not high on our list of eating lately.  So why did we eat there then?  Well….  we were out ‘parading’ and got hungry and decided to give it a try….  just to get that second opinion out of the way.   Now it’s out of the way and I won’t ever be curious again as to whether I was wrong the first time….. which I’m very grateful for!

Sorry if I’ve ruffled your feathers with this one.  Just my opinion.  You are certainly welcome to defend your opinion in the comment area.  I would love to know where your favorite burger is!

I am Grateful!  How are you?



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