Joseph’s Cool Techno DreamCoat

Here we go again.  Can you tell by my blog title that I’ve been to the theater again?   Yeah…. well, I couldn’t not talk about Joseph!

Personally, I have been in this show 3 times.  Every time it’s been with Marilyn Montgomery as the Director.  In my opinion, this is her signature piece.  No one has the vision of this show quite like Marilyn.  What fun it was to see it again.  Even more fun for me since now my son is in the show!  And so is my other son’s girlfriend.

I’ve seen several productions of Joseph.  Some of them done very well…. some of them done, well…. not so well.  It is a dearly loved show here in Utah. It’s the  Biblical theme I guess.  I think it’s the music and the comedy interjected that make it a hit too.  This particular verison is no exception.

One of things that makes shows fun at Hale Theater is the movable stage.  When the theater opened several years ago, the only moving pieces were the main circle sections in the middle, which were broken into 4 quadrants plus a small circle in the very center.  Since then,  they’ve added a few more movable parts, as well as making the original movable sections more versatile by making some of those sections smaller….. don’t ask me how…. they just do.  Plus they’ve added an outer ring that moves separately from the larger one.  I was glad to see that Marilyn had used the stage in the way she originally did, without all the extra moving parts with the exception of the outer ring.

I love the way Marilyn stages the show.  The choreography and movement are brilliant and funny.  I’ve never seen Canaan Days done any better than they way she stages it with the use of chairs.   The added effects for the entire show were a lot of fun.  Including the techno colored coat for the mega mix in the finale.  Kacey Udy is a genius.  The set is awesome.  The costuming is colorful and fun.  Then there’s the talent….. Oh my!

I am always blown away by the talent we have in this community.  I got to see both casts this week.  My son is doing a little different schedule by doing Tues, Thurs and Fri.,  so he does it with both casts and we took advantage of seeing it with both casts this week.  They are both very strong casts.  Though there are things I like a little better in each cast, no audience member will go away disappointed no matter which cast they see.

Kudos to both casts…. Kudos to Marilyn, Kelly, Kacey and all the other people involved in putting it together!  It’s well worth your time to go see!  Be sure to get tickets soon because this one is selling faster than any in the history of the theater!

I’m grateful I got to see Joseph this week.  It brought back a lot of memories….. very fun memories!  I’m so grateful that my son is carrying on the tradition of doing JOSEPH with Marilyn Montgomery.  Come to think of it….. Jon got to do it with her too a few years ago!  And now Jon’s girlfriend Ali is doing it!  The tradition lives on!

Thanks for a great time…. both casts!  Don’t miss it y’all!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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