It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green!

Do you ever wonder how things have advanced in life and science so much during your own lifetime, that you just can’t figure out where the time went?  I’m sometimes astounded at the advancements we have made.  And they seem to happen at a much quicker rate that before.   Today was such a day.

Once again, we our out ‘Parading’.  There is a builder in our area that is making a very conscience effort to build his projects ‘green’.  I’m sure there are lots of builders doing the same thing, but this builder is showing it in a unique way in his model homes.  He is leaving certain areas of the home undone, or not complete.  For instance….. rather than laying the tile everywhere on the main level floor of a patio home, there is a cut away in the tile showing how they prep the floor with an extra protection so cracks in the concrete will avoid cracking the tile.  Another example: part of the wall is incomplete so you can see the insulation and the structure of the building.  It’s a very interesting way to display how the home is actually built and to show where all the effort is made to make the home ‘green’.

The thing that is really impressive, is to know that every effort is being made to build a more efficient and environmentally friendly structure.  Not only will home owners benefits with reduced utility bills, but the environment will be better off by using less energy and leaving a smaller imprint.  Here’s a quote from this builders website:

Green building is the practice of using better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal (the complete building life cycle) to increase efficiency, use less resources and lessen the impact on human health and the environment. Garbett Homes is a leader in residential Green Building and is continuing to innovate in the use of renewables in the construction of homes.

Kudos to Garbett Homes for taking this step in providing a greener option to home buyers.   Most of the homes they offer are on the west side of the valley in the Daybreak area, but they have secured some property around 3500 So and 300 East now too.  I’m sure that they will build their green homes in more areas of the valley as they acquire the land.

This is just one of many styles of Solaris homes Garbett builds

Though these homes Garbett is building are done with a very modern urban look, I think the idea of building green can certainly be taken to any style of home you want.  My husband took the time today to look though these models homes closely.  He loved the fact that they had the unfinished areas to show what they had done to be efficient.  He is very much into the green build and wants to build a very efficient home for us one day, so he checks these things out very carefully.

I’m grateful to Garbett Homes… and all other builders that are taking the steps necessary for home owners to live more efficiently and environmentally friendly.  I’m sure there are many more builders I could name here.   Just remember…. ‘It ain’t easy being green’ …… but it’s a step in the right direction that I believe will become more and more popular with more builders…. especially if we as Buyers demand it.  So demand it!  Take steps to make sure that any new home you are purchasing is efficient and environmentally friendly.  We all need to work toward saving our Planet!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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