Coconut Oil

I have always loved Coconut.  I remember as a kid my Dad would occasionally buy a fresh Coconut.  I loved cracking that thing open and eating the Coconut meat.  Delicious!

Fresh coconut meat and grated coconut was about all I knew of Coconut for a long time.   And I love them both.  Slip me an Almond Joy, and I’m in Heaven!

Within the last few years, I have discovered Coconut Oil.   I love how versatile it is…. and how delicious!  As long as you get a good quality Virgin Coconut Oil, it’s truly luscious!  And Coconut Oil is good for you too.  You can find lots of information on the internet of how healthy it is.  Just be sure you are getting top notch grade oil, or you may be disappointed.

Here are some of the ways that we use coconut oil.  First, of course, is to cook with it.  It’s a great replacement for Olive Oil in any cooking situation.  In fact, it’s better in some situations since it can be heated at a higher temperature than Olive Oil.   You can also use it in place of butter in many recipes.  We like to add it to our hot whole grain cereal.  Though I don’t do it often, it’s actually recommended to just eat Coconut Oil by the spoonful since it’s a healthy kind of fat.  There are many recipes available for the use of Coconut Oil.  Do a Google search and you’ll find 100’s.   We’ve recently started adding Coconut Oil to our smoothies…..  um, um good!

One of my favorite ways to use Coconut Oil is on my skin.  Not only do I add it to my Homemade Salt Scrub that I use when I shower, but I love to generously put Coconut Oil on my skin.  It’s a wonderful moisturizer.  I like to use it on my face at night when I know I will be shampooing my hair the next day.  It does make my hair a little greasy, so I don’t use it everyday, but I love to use it on my face when I can.  I also like to use it as my tanning oil.  I know….. some of you will scream and holler at me about that….  but I honestly have not had any trouble with sun burns at all since I’ve been using it.  I do, however, only stay in the sun for about 60 to 90 minutes maximum.  I’ve never tried to be out longer than that with just Coconut Oil.  Though I have read that the Islanders use it to protect their skin and have done so for years.

I truly love Coconut Oil and I’m so grateful we learned about it and how beneficial it is to the body.  Once again….. anything natural that’s created by our Maker….  it only makes sense that it’s good for us.  Of course, the fact that I’ve always loved Coconut helps me enjoy it better than the average Joe!

As I study Coconut and it’s many uses and benefits, I’m learning so many other ways to use it.  I just recently saw a video on how to make your own fresh coconut milk.  Now… that one I would like to try!  All things Coconut speak to me!  You might just say I’m cuckoo for Coconuts!

Do you use Coconut products?  What kind of things do you use them for?  Please share in the comments section so we can all learn from each other!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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