String Instruments

Today in Sacrament meeting, we were blessed to have a musical number on the violin by the daughter of a member of our ward.  I wish I could give her credit by mentioning her name, but we didn’t get a program and I didn’t listen that well when they announced it earlier in the meeting.  Regardless, with or without her name, it was beautiful!

I’m always amazed when I hear someone that is proficient play a string instrument!  Particularly when they are so gifted at doing it!  I have several friends who play the violin.  One in particular who teaches violin as well as plays in many symphonies and orchestras for touring companies when they come through town.  She is very gifted.

An accomplished musician on any instrument, including voice, can truly give you a very moving experience when you listen.  That was the case today as this Sister played a beautiful rendition of “Oh My Father”.  Just watching her play let you know that she really felt and understood what she was playing.  The movement of her body told the story in a beautiful way.  Kudos to her Mother, Sister Hansen, too for accompanying her on the piano so beautifully.

I’m grateful for accomplished musicians…..  today in particular for violinists.  I’m grateful to be able to feel the music so beautifully through their talents!  Thanks for sharing!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

This isn’t exactly the kind of thing that I heard in church today….. but this is an example of two extremely talented musicians…. one who is a cellist.  The Piano is actually a string instrument too!


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