There’s nothing better than a nice ripe juicy cold watermelon!

I just happened to pick a good one this time!  I wish I could say the same with helping my son pick out some last week for his HS reunion….. but unfortunately, I blew that one!  This one, however, is perfect!  I love eating a good piece of cold melon!  They are so much better when they are cold.

Can you see how there are 6 areas with pockets of seeds? Those are the areas you scoop out with a spoon to create a Watermelon Wagon Wheel. The trick is leaving enough space between the scoop outs to create the spokes!

Eating watermelon always brings back lots of fond memories for me.  The first being camping trips we took as kids .  We used to use the creek as our refrigerator for the melons.  My Dad would just set them far enough in the water that the cold water would keep the melon cool.  Very often, we would save the melon for our trip home from camping.  I have some great memories of pulling off to the side of the road with our camper right at Rock Port Dam.  My Aunt and Uncle and cousins were usually right behind us.  We’d pull off that road and cut up the watermelon and eat it right there.  That was part of the fun of the trip home!

I don’t think I went camping with my parents much past the age of 13 or so.  After the camping trips were over, it then became the thing to use our back yard as the place to eat melons.  Usually, at some family gathering.  We would make sure the melons were good and cold and then take them out back and cut them up.  Everyone would sit around eating melons and spitting the pits in a bucket.  Good times.

I remember as a little girl my Dad teaching me to make a wagon wheel out of a piece of watermelon.  You cut a good piece off the melon so it’s still in its circular form.  Then you take a spoon and make a circular cut at each point where there is a pocket of watermelon seeds.  You’ll see there are about 6 areas around the outer edge of the watermelon piece that when cut away with a spoon, forms a wagon wheel with the rest of the watermelon piece.  My Dad and I used to see who could make the best wagon wheel out of the watermelon.  Of course, once you cut away those pieces eating them as you go, and then took time to admire your handiwork…. you were left with the very best part of the melon still to eat!  I’d make my way to the center heart of that melon piece by eating everything else around it first.  Then I’d savor that watermelon heart!  Hmmm Hmmmm……  Great memories!

I’ve seen some pretty interesting pictures of things carved out of a whole watermelon….. but I had more fun making a basic wagon wheel out of one piece of watermelon than you can even imagine!  My husband thought I was crazy the first time I did it!  He’d never seen it and thought it was pretty silly.  After all… you were just going to eat it anyway, why not cut it up and eat it?  What’s all the fuss about?  Ah….. but the time it took to try and make that wagon wheel look good was as much fun as eating it!

I do love watermelon.  Especially when its juicy, cold , sweet and not over ripe!  I’m grateful for watermelon!  I’m grateful to my Dad for teaching me how to make a wagon wheel from a piece of watermelon…. but more importantly for taking the time to do it together!  Watermelon holds lots of memories for me!

What do you associate eating watermelon with?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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