Failure to Complete in 60 Seconds……

Sometimes short and sweet is just what we like, right?  That’s what you’re getting today!

I love creative people.  I don’t know who invented the show “Minute to Win It”…. but I think they are brilliant!  One of the things I love about the show is how you can take several of the games they play and use them at a social function.  That’s exactly what we did today!

We had a Softball Team BBQ today.  The manager of the team’s wife is a creative and talented person.  She always likes to have games to play while we are there.  “Minute to Win It” games we the event of the day.

Even though we started giving up on the timing process and just started seeing if we could actually do it, it was fun!  And I personally only achieved one of the games that we played today!  It wasn’t just failure to complete in 60 seconds for most of these games….. it was failure to complete at ALL…. even with no timer!  They aren’t easy challenges!  I wonder how much time the people that appear on the show actually spend ‘rehearsing’ the games!  Probably a lot more time than I would even consider!

I’m grateful for a fun afternoon with friends and the laughter of watching each other try to meet the challenges of some “Minute to Win It” games!  Good company is always a plus!!!

Have you played “Minute to Win It” games at home or a social gathering?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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