Saguaro Man of the Cactus Kind

We are on our way to Tucson.  We’re taking our daughter’s dog, Daisy to her.  Actually, our daughter is with us too.  She came up to see her brother in a show at Hale Theater.  Since we are heading to Las Vegas at the end of the week, we thought we’d leave a little early and take the ‘scenic’ route to Vegas.  VERY scenic!!  (Or is that very long!)

Though it’s obviously out the way…. We knew we would need to drive Daisy down anyway, so it saves us a little mileage in the long run.

We are approaching Phoenix right now.  About an hour ago, I noticed the definite difference leaving the mountain area of Flagstaff and approaching the desert.   My first hint….. cactus.  Not just any cactus….. but Saguaro cactus.  The tall kind that look like they have arms….  You know…. The ‘singing cactus’ joke?  ….  Yeah those.

I have fond memories of Saguaro cactus.  It makes me think of my Dad.

This is pretty much what our Saguaro Man looked like! Love it!

We used to give my Dad a hard time about his silly rubber Saguaro cactus man that he put the antenna of his truck.  Oh, it had personality, with a little face, a scarf and a cowboy hat!  We all got a chuckle out of it.  The funny thing is, he had to replace it once or twice because someone kept stealing it!

My parents would make an annual trip to Organ Pipe, AZ every year.  They would go during the Winter months so it was nice and cool…   just the right time of year to be in AZ.   Then they could get away from the extreme cold weather in UT.  During those trips, they would always bring home some trinkets from the desert representing the Southwest.  The year he found his Saguaro man he considered it a big accomplishment and it was never the same after that.

Years later, we had a large Chevy van for our family.  My Dad decided that it was necessary for us to have our own Saguaro man for our antenna.  My husband did NOT want to put that cactus on our antenna.  He thought they were dumb and fought me about it….. but since is was a gift from my Dad….. he gave in and put it on the antenna.

That Saguaro man was there for quite sometime….. then one day…. He suddenly disappeared!  I have no idea what happened to him.  I’m not sure which member of my family was responsible for removing him….. or having a friend ‘steal’ him…. But he was gone.  Maybe my husband will fess up now…. Honey??

So even though today has been long and tiring…. I’m grateful for the site of Saguaro cactus and the flood of memories that came back to me because of it!

Maybe I’ll look for a Saguaro man while I’m here in AZ!  That would make my husband happy!  Oh wait….. who has a visible antenna anymore?  So much for that idea!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


5 Replies to “Saguaro Man of the Cactus Kind”

  1. My in-laws are the ones who started the cactus man for me. They all had one on their cars. So when I married into them I received mine also. Mine finally lost an arm after 12 yrs. So now I need to find one to replace it. I made mine have an attitude by crossing his arms, noticing that they rest of the family followed suit! I love my cactus, but in the start felt just like your husband did.

    1. That’s great! I love that you learned to love your cactus man! I still miss mine in an odd way…. but my husband doesn’t! I’m sure you can find one online somewhere! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Have you tried an online search? I think that’s how I found the picture to post with this. My guess is you can find something online. If not…. You may have to go to AZ or NM to find one! Good luck!

      1. I shearched online all they had was a small anntena topper.

        I live in az. used to see them all over years ago. had a midwest visitor who was blown away by cactus
        want to send him one but come up empty. thats how i found you by googling it thanks terry

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