Give Me Land, Lots of Land

There are so many parts of the world that I would like to see.  So many.  But, even here in the USA, there is a lot I haven’t seen.  We live in a land with such varied landscape that it’s amazing to me.

Right now I’m in Tucson, AZ.  The ride here yesterday was pretty amazing to me.  I haven’t been to Arizona for a long time.  I had kind of forgotten that even in Arizona, the landscape is varied, depending on where you are.

Pine trees, Mountains and meadows of flowers.... that's what I saw a lot of in Flagstaff!

I was so impressed as we drove through the Flagstaff area.  My goodness….. it’s beautiful there!  It’s certainly the area I would want to live in this time of year if I was in Arizona.  It reminded me of some areas in Oregon….. minus the more humid climate.  I’m sure that Flagstaff gets some pretty severe Winters, however!  It’s a higher altitude than Salt Lake City….. so I’m guessing they get some snow.  I was surprised how many of the homes didn’t have ‘grass’, but instead were surrounded by fields of flowers.  I’m so used to the clean cut yards I’m used to seeing.  It was interesting, and beautiful I might add, to see houses surrounded by these flowers.  You really couldn’t see the ‘base’ of the house.  It was a very different look.  It gave more of a natural mountain look to the homes.

Leaving Flagstaff, it was several miles before we started seeing the obvious desert area again.  I was surprised at how green it stayed till just outside the Phoenix area.  We were approaching dusk as we hit the Phoenix area, so it wasn’t until we woke up this morning and went outside that I knew we were in the desert!  Yikes!  It’s hot here!  And dry….. but still beautiful, in its own way.  There’s a lotof dry scape landscape around here.  Even at the apartment complex that my daughter is living in, you have to walk quite a ways before you get to a grassy area.  It’s actually a little too far for the dog to make it, if you know what I mean.

Definitely a dryer look in Tucson!

I’m looking forward to the trip home in a couple of days via a different route so that we can see part of Arizona that I’ve never seen before!

I’m so grateful for this beautiful land we live in and know that I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg in my travels.  I hope to see much much more!  And sooner rather than later!

I am Grateful!  How are you?



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