It Feels Right With the Wrights!

Wow!  Just Wow!  What a great day it has been!

We are on our way back to my daughters after spending most of the day with Lyn and Joe Wright.  What great friends they have become!

I’ve blogged about Lyn before.  Check my post from July 22nd.  She is my extremely talented friend I talked about before.  What a blast it was to see her in her own environment today.

Lyn had told me about their little place here in Coolidge, AZ.   I kind of had a picture in my head of what to expect.  As we pulled up, the house was a little different than I pictured, but not my much.  And the inside was exactly what I would expect from someone who loves all things old and dear.  (Maybe that’s why the love us!)

Joe and Lyn Wright and John and I at the Senior Games in St. George in 2010

As we got out of the car, we were greeted by all kinds of critters.  Mostly Hens and Roosters, but we also saw Peacocks, cats and dogs.  And they all had names.  I don’t think I could even remember all of them except maybe Sweet Pea, the baby Peacock and of course Karma, the toy poodle….. but then again, Karma and I go way back.  And of course Lefty, the Border Collie they rescued.  They love every one of them!

When we arrived this afternoon, Joe was out helping a friend get his Ox out of a ditch.  That speaks volumes of the kind of guy he is.  And Lyn is the same way.  Either of them would give you the shirt off their back!  They are very generous people.

I was so excited to get to spend some time with Lyn out in her little Rock House.  It’s a small rock building out behind the main house that was the original homestead on the property.  I can’t imagine actually living in something that small…..but it was a great place for her crafting studio!  I love how she is so inventive in figuring out ways to keep all her projects organized.  It was fun to see walls of her cute fabric flowers and to see her new headband projects, as well as get a short one stroke painting lesson before I got to watch her paint a purse for my sister.  We had a ball in the rock house, and had some great conversation.  Girl talk…. You know.  Things the guys would have been bored with!

John spent a lot of time with Joe talking about who knows what.  Family…. Sports ….. life!  Men talk…. You know.  Whatever men talk about.  I’m sure it’s not nearly as interesting as what we talked about!

Then came just one of the many good parts of the day.  A wonderful home cooked southern meal!  Joe and Lyn are both from the south, so she wanted to cook us some real southern food!  And that she did!  It was delicious.  We had Chicken and Dumplings, Black eyed Peas, cornbread and sliced tomatoes.  I was full, but very satisfied and I enjoyed everything on my plate.  Good southern cooking!  After visiting for a while longer, we were treated to some to die for Texas Sheet cake.  Again…. Very delicious!

We also got to meet their one daughter Chole, and her kids.  They popped in for a minute to enjoy some of ‘Meemaw’s’ chicken and dumplings.  I guess it a family favorite and when they know she’s making it…. They want some!  It was a delight to meet them.

And of course, I was sent home bearing more gifts!  I brought her some little trinkets as a belated birthday gift and she sends me home with cute ‘Funky Flip Flops’,  a painted purse for my sister, some fabric flowers for my daughter and some home cooked southern food for my daughter and her boyfriend!

What a great day of wonderful southern hospitality in the middle of the Arizona desert!

I am so grateful for these wonderful friends of ours and the lessons I learn from them every time we are with them.  Many lessons…. More than they will ever know they teach me!  It feels right to be with the Wrights!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


2 Replies to “It Feels Right With the Wrights!”

  1. Wanda honey, once again you made me cry. As I read it I thought I was reading about someone else. I am not nearly as amazing as you make me sound, but I enjoyed it. Thanks for spending the day, we loved every minute and can’t wait til October. Hope Lannon is feeling better and hope they enjoyed the food. We love ya’ll and hope the rest of the trip is good.

    Love you 32………

    Miss Lyn

  2. Thanks for having us! We will for sure work out some time to spend with you in Oct….. Landon was feeling a little better when we got home and was very anxious to try those Chicken and Dumplings! Have a wonderful time in Boston, my friend!

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