Air Conditioned Cars

Man it’s hot here in Tucson!  And I hear it’s even hotter in Phoenix!  This is not the most comfortable time to be here!

Of course, I’m grateful for air conditioned homes….. I’ve said that before…… but today, as we went and did a little site seeing, I’m very grateful for air conditioned cars!

This is our last day here in Arizona so we thought we would go check a few things out.  Since my daughter just moved down here, she’s not very familiar with the area and didn’t know what there was to do, so of course, we Googled it!

We decided to drive over to Old Town Tucson Studios on the west side of town.  It’s an old movie set that I was excited to see.  I had studied the map and the directions that the iPad had given us, yet when we entered it into the GPS, it wanted to take us a different direction.  Luckily I remembered the names of the streets so we started going that direction instead.

The path we took took us up over Gates Pass.  At the top of the pass was a pull out area with some historical information and a little rock building way up the hill.  We got out of the car to check it out and we were hit smack in the face with the heat!  Of course, my husband decided to hike up to the rock building, which meant we were out in the heat waiting for him to go up and back down.  Even standing in the shade, it was hot!

The scenery was very interesting and I was intrigued how the cactus grew all the way up to the top of the mountain!  It made me realize that the cactus here is like our pine trees at home….. we have pine trees growing up our mountains and they have cactus!  No offense…. but I think I’ll stick with the pine trees!

We descended down the mountain and could see Old Town Tucson a head of us.  Unfortunately, Old Town Tucson is only open on the weekends, so we didn’t get to see it, but it looked awfully fun.  Maybe next time!  We then drove to the Sonora Desert Museum.  After getting out of the car again and getting socked with the heat….. we found out that we had arrived just about an hour before closing time and that most of the museum was an outdoor experience.  We decided it was way too hot to do that and not much time to do it in!  So, back into the cool car and onto our way to our next excursion.

This time it took us way to the southwest end of Tucson to the San Xavier Mission home.  It was built in the 1700’s and is slowly being renovated.  What an interesting building!  It’s very ornate in the chapel area.  It’s amazing to think of how they must have made those carvings that many years ago!  The building was not air conditioned, so once again, we were getting hot.  And….  once again my husband decided to climb up Grotto Hill while my daughter and I looked inside the Gift shop.  At least the shop was air conditioned!

We ended our excursion by stopping right outside the mission and getting a piece of Indian Fry Bread.  While my husband and daughter were waiting for them to be cooked…. I ran and got the car and brought it over closer to the stand.  That way it was nice and cool by the time they got in.   And boy, were we all ready for that!  Once we ate the Fry bread, we headed for home to the air conditioned house!  ‘Cause that’s what you do in the desert!

I am so grateful for air conditioned cars!  I can’t imagine traveling to hot areas without one!  We are so spoiled….. but I’m grateful!  Especially here in the AZ desert!  And yet, I hear that it was 100 degrees in Salt Lake today!  I guess we are having a heat wave!

We are off to Las Vegas tomorrow to more desert heat, but we are doing it in our air conditioned car… and I am grateful for that!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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