A Soft Comfortable Bed!

It’s not mine….. but I could sleep in it on a long term basis!  I have to say….. one thing about staying in a luxurious hotel like the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas….. the beds are nice!!

No offense to my daughter….. because we really appreciate their hospitality of letting us stay with them ….. but I was SO grateful to get into a nice comfortable bed last night, I can’t even express it!

This is pretty much the bed we slept in... it's off the hotels website... but we have more pillows than the picture shows!

4 nights on a hard mattress that is only a regular size bed and sharing it with my husband can be rough on the back.  It’s OK for 1 or 2 nights….but by the 3rd night, I was starting to feel it.

Not only do we have a very comfortable bed in this beautiful hotel….. we also have a very nice room!  I’ll download the pictures I took when I have access to doing that, but trust me….. it’s gorgeous!

Though we didn’t get a room with a primo view…. we still have a nice view!  Plus, who spends lots of time on the balcony in 100 degree weather?  It’s inside the room I’m enjoying!

The bathroom in this room is nicer than my master bath at home!  It has a wonderful nice large shower and a air jet tub…. which I think I may take advantage of tonight!  Besides the wonderful comfy king size bed, we also have a living area with a sectional couch, a desk, another TV and a wet bar area.  Yeah….. it’s nice!

But the best part of this nice room was crawling into the wonderful bed last night!  Lots of down pillows, a down comforter and a comfortable mattress!  I was in heaven!  And I slept wonderfully well!

I’m so grateful that we have this wonderful room and comfortable bed for the next few nights!  It’s much easier on my back!  I’m not sure I would have survived in a cheap hotel and uncomfortable bed….. especially after 4 prior nights in a bed that my back didn’t enjoy that much….

It really makes you appreciate the comforts of life that you are used to…. Like my own bed….  even if they aren’t as posh as what we have right now in the hotel!  But…. I’ll enjoy it while I have it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


One Reply to “A Soft Comfortable Bed!”

  1. You bet! I travel a ton. Stay in pretty nice hotels. Nice beds. Pillows labeled soft to firm. But. There is nothing better than my king size, 4 pillowed, cold bed!!!!!

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