Kimistry Is An Inspiration

What an inspiring few days I’ve just had!  Amazing….. truly amazing!  I have much to be grateful for.

I’ve just completed  some training at the 1st Annual Convention for ASEA.  This is the company I’ve chosen to hang my hat with and I can guarantee you, I’m here to stay for the long run.  Meeting the people I met and hearing the stories I’ve heard only make me more sure about what an incredible blessing and opportunity I have landed on.  An opportunity to change lives.

I would like to share with you one story of one person and her two children that I met.  Well… I didn’t exactly meet her in the traditional way….. lets just say that her children made such an impact at the Get Together party on Thursday night, that we all had the chance to be introduced to them and their Mother at the first General Session.  I just wish I had taken pictures!

I apologize right up front if I have misspelled the names here…. I’m going by phonetics of what I heard and have no idea of how they are really spelled!  I was deeply impressed by Kimistry Harmon and her two little boys, Javae and Javari.  This is s single Mom who’s had a very hard life.  Both of her boys are special needs boys.  Her oldest son Javari was born with a broken hip because of injuries sustained during Kimistry’s pregnancy.  Kimistry was beaten…. which caused complications and Javari to be born with a broken hip and other problems.  This little boy is now 7 years old.  What a delightful sweet child with such an amazing positive attitude!  His life has been hard because he has never been able to really walk.  He crawled on his knees some of the time or was restricted to a wheel chair, which he felt blessed to have.  Javae is 5 and has never been able to communicate very well.  Kimistry has struggled to raise her two boys alone and provide some kind of life for them, even with all the medical costs involved.  What an inspiring wonderful woman!

At our Get Together party on Thursday here in Las Vegas, there was a band playing.  The three lead singers were impersonators of the ”Rat Pack”.  They were very good…. which is to be expected in Vegas!  These two little boys and their Mother we out on the dance floor.  Javari, who had trouble walking till a few months ago. was on the floor dancing….. dancing his little heart out.  Some of it was busting a move on his knees, but very often done standing!  Now keep in mind, his little body is still twisted…. but he was standing and dancing!  Something he couldn’t do a few months ago.

His younger brother Javae was also having a good time.  Though he is a little shyer than Javari…. he was getting into it too.  Javae is now starting to communicate with his Mother.  Something that is making her life much easier when it comes to meeting his needs.  These are two little miracle boys who captured my heart and the heart of everyone there!    These blessings of dramatically improved health have come because these young boys are consuming ASEA.  It has helped their little bodies come into better balance and therefore be able to enhance their bodies ability to take care of itself.  Don’t get me wrong…. these little boys aren’t ‘cured’….. Javari still uses a wheel chair because his legs aren’t strong enough to hold him up all the time….., and Javae isn’t talking in circles or anything….. but he can now tell his Mom, “I tired” after a night of dancing.   These are small steps that are improving to make their lives easier.  And they are so happy about it.  It’s really amazing!

What truly inspired me was their Mother, Kimistry.  I was so impressed with her ‘never give up’ attitude and pursuing whatever it took to provide a better life for her boys.  She has had a rough go, but has never given up hope that things would get better for them and for herself.  Though I don’t think she expected their health to improve so dramatically like it did….. she never gave up hope for a better life.  This is truly a woman who has demonstrated an unconditional loving sacrifice for her children.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful little family and be so touched and blessed by their story!  It’s beyond words to express how it affected me….. To know and witness what a huge impact ASEA is having in people’s lives is empowering!  I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of this company!  I’m here to stay!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


2 Replies to “Kimistry Is An Inspiration”

  1. Thank, for sharing Chemistry’s story on your blog. I too was at Asea convention and was so moved and inspired by this amazing woman and her adorable boys.I had so many totally emotional and uplifting moments. I am also focusing on empowering my life for the better, it is a journey I look forward to. Having Asea come into my life is truly a wonderful blessing. The joy of helping others change their lives and become the best they can is so rewarding. Go forward my new friend, Believe, Belong, Become. We are Asea!

  2. Thanks for your comments! It really was ONE of many moments for me too! Every time I attend an ASEA event, I KNOW I’m where I’m suppose to be! It’s a wonderful feeling…. and yes, we will go forward…. Believe, Belong, Become! We definitely ARE ASEA!

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